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Condottieri - Medieval Mercenaries

Created by Wallenstein76

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Condottieri  Medieval Mercenaries game quiz
"In medieval and renaissance Italy bands of mercenaries - the condottieri - fought against each other in the pay of wealthy city states."

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1. 'Condottiere' (pl. condottieri) derives from the Italian word 'condotta'. What does it mean?

2. By which name was the mercenary company led by the English knight Sir John Hawkwood known?
    the Company of St. George
    the Great Company
    the Black Company
    the White Company

3. Which northern Italian city was famous for the fine armour produced there?

4. Paolo Uccello's famous paintings of the Battle of San Romano in 1432 depict a clash between which city states?
    Florence vs. Siena
    Florence vs. Milan
    Milan vs. Venice
    Siena vs. Venice

5. Which tactical school of thought stood for cautious planning and battlefield control and also involved large numbers of infantry?

6. Which of these famous condottieri leaders was NOT immortalised by an equestrian statue?
    Paolo Savelli
    Bartolomeo Colleoni

7. The decisive Venetian victory at Maclodio might be unique in the annals of medieval/renaissance warfare. Why?
    In violation of the existing code of honour all the POWs were slaughtered.
    The battle was only fought by cavalry without infantry support.
    The ransom taken for the prisoners equalled the yearly income of the Duchy of Milan.
    The victors took so many prisoners that most of them had to be set free again due to lack of provisions.

8. A famous statesman and writer criticised the condottieri for not taking risks such as attacking fortified towns and for avoiding unnecessary bloodshed on the field of battle. Who was it?

9. The invasion of Italy by which French king in 1494 united many quarrelling city states against him?
    Louis XI.
    Louis XII.
    Charles VIII.
    Francis I.

10. Often termed 'the last condottiere' this member of a famous family died fighting in papal service against imperial troops in 1526.
    Massimiliano Sforza
    Francesco Gonzaga
    Lorenzo Orsini
    Giovanni Medici

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