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1 Medieval Castle Life
Lords and Ladies of Quizzyland and Most Honored and Distinguished Guests! Pray, follow me on my castle tour!
10 Q
Jan 18 02
11028 plays
2 Illuminating the Dark Ages
The quiz looks at Europe in the Dark Ages, a period of history that took place before the Middle Ages.
10 Q
Jun 02 12
1473 plays
3 Medieval Weaponry
How much do you think you know about medieval weapons? Here's your chance to test your knowledge and perhaps even learn something new. I hope you enjoy your visit browsing the annals of history.
10 Q
Oct 22 08
2715 plays
4 Medieval Celebrities
After the fun I had with my Tudor celebrities I decided that that stars of the Medieval time were just as sensational and shouldn't be forgotten! This time I've included a couple of stars from the continent also.
10 Q
Apr 22 08
5757 plays
5 The Middle Ages
For those interested in the medieval period of European history, this quiz should suit your tastes nicely. The questions in this quiz cut a wide swathe, I'm sure you will enjoy...good luck!
10 Q
Aug 22 03
7278 plays
6 The Knights Templar
The Templars hold a unique fascination, and have become the stuff of legend. See how much you know about them.
10 Q
Oct 30 08
2067 plays
7 The Investiture Controversy
This battle for authority between the Church and the Emperors was one of the defining elements of the Middle Ages. See how much you know about this polemic!
10 Q
Apr 09 07
1650 plays
8 Operatic History - the Sixteenth Century
Here's another instalment in my series about operas and musical theatre plays named after historical events and people. As always, the operatic background was provided by "The Great Opera Book" and
20 Q
Mar 13 07
630 plays
9 Sitten in a Yeldehalle: Medieval Guilds
Guilds were an extremely important part of medieval life. How much do you know about these organizations?
10 Q
Nov 05 04
1350 plays
10 Medieval Cold Weapons
You see them in movies, you see them in museums, you read about them in books, but what do you really know about medieval cold weapons?
10 Q
Dec 01 07
1569 plays
11 The Black Death
This quiz is about the most devastating epidemic to strike Europe, the bubonic plague. It changed the face of Europe and has been named "The Black Death".
10 Q
May 12 09
2286 plays
12 Operatic Medieval History: II
Here's another instalment on my "operatic" quizzes. Based upon and on "Phaeton's Great Opera Book", these questions deal with classical music named after medieval events and persons - especially the period 1200 to 1500.
15 Q
Nov 11 06
1038 plays
13 Medieval Miscellany
A few tidbits for those who know their history.
10 Q
Nov 30 07
1833 plays
14 Knight in Shining Armor
Knights once wore chain mail for armor, but that proved too weak and ineffective against some weapons. A suit of armor was made; how much do you know about such a suit?
10 Q
Feb 20 13
561 plays
15 Getting Medieval
A selection of tidbits for the amusement of lords and ladies throughout the realm.
20 Q
May 18 01
3162 plays
16 What If ...
You have been transported back in time to Medieval Europe. To return to the present you must answer each question correctly. Good luck.
20 Q
Feb 02 03
4338 plays
17 Middle Ages - Missing Links
You may already be familiar with my 'missing links' quizzes, and if not try this one. You won't be disappointed.
10 Q
Dec 15 02
5550 plays
18 Alcuin of York - Educator of Kings
Alcuin has been called one of the heralds of the Carolingian Renaissance largely because of his work as a teacher in the court of Charlemagne, but what do we really know about him?
10 Q
May 15 09
288 plays
19 Know Your Frankish History!
The Franks kept culture alive during the Middle Ages, and established a true empire for the first time since the Romans, short-lived though it was ... Let's see what you remember about these great people!
20 Q
Nov 11 00
2028 plays
20 Medieval Words and Terms
The first five questions will describe something, and you choose its correct medieval name. The last five questions will give a medieval term, and you select the correct description.
10 Q
Sep 13 02
5322 plays
21 Operatic Medieval History: I
Based upon "Phaeton's Great Opera Book" and on, I've composed a quiz on events between 500 AD and 1200 AD that inspired classical composers. Enjoy your stay in those "dark ages".
15 Q
Oct 01 06
750 plays
22 Condottieri - Medieval Mercenaries
In medieval and renaissance Italy bands of mercenaries - the condottieri - fought against each other in the pay of wealthy city states.
10 Q
Jul 29 10
219 plays
23 English Medieval Bonanza
History during the Middle Ages is fascinating, full of haunted castles, and gallant knights - and deposed kings. Play this quiz and find whether how well you have know this age.
10 Q
Mar 29 09
969 plays
24 Days of Chivalry
This quiz is about the days of chivalry when knights roamed the earth in shining armour and fought great battles. Could you be a knight?
10 Q
Dec 04 03
2724 plays
25 Iron Rings
Making "maille" or "chain mail" armor is a long time hobby of mine. Let's see what you know about my favorite subject.
10 Q
Dec 11 06
762 plays
26 Trifles from British History
This is not a quiz about major events in history, battles, political issues, but about things that shaped daily life, minor matters, traditional customs.
10 Q
Dec 04 03
2937 plays
27 Mighty Monarchs XII (Sicily)
Mighty Monarchs XII covers the various rulers of Sicily from the creation of the County of Sicily (1072 AD) to the end of Germanic rule (1266 AD). Good Luck!
10 Q
Oct 02 02
549 plays
28 The Life of Richard Nevill Earl of Warwick
Richard Nevill, Earl of Warwick, was one of the most important and powerful figures of English mid 15th century history, particularly the series of conflicts known as the Wars of the Roses.
20 Q
Jul 16 10
432 plays
29 12th-15th Century Europe
This quiz has questions that deals with history of Europe dating back from the 12th-15th centuries. Good luck!
10 Q
May 11 09
1197 plays
30 Knightly Wear
This quiz is about the armor worn by knights around and in the 14th and 15th centuries. I'll name the piece of armor and you guess which part of the body it protected.
10 Q
Sep 07 07
1020 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* European feudalism was largely created for the need to protect land from groups such as the:
* Who was responsible (at the local level) for protecting land under normal feudal agreements?
* Under a feudal agreement, who was the original giver of land?
* Under a feudal agreement, who was the receiver of land?
* Name the first major Frankish dynasty:

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