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Science Gets It Right (Eventually)

Created by Calpurnia09

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : History of Science
Science Gets It Right  Eventually game quiz
"The history of science is full of situations where those who thought that they knew all the answers were quite wrong."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What do we call the early scientists who conducted experiments where they tried to turn base metals into gold?
    Non-organic chemists

2. Aristotle believed, as did the scientists who followed him, that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones. Which Italian scientist disproved this by his experiments that showed that gravity accelerates all objects at the same rate?
    Galileo Galilei
    Luigi Brugnatelli
    Leonardo Da Vinci
    Fortunatus Fidelis

3. What was the name of the new element added by Johann Joachim Becher in 1667 to the list then accepted: earth, water, air, fire and sometimes ether?

4. What was the name of the 2nd century astronomer who gave science the earth centred model of the solar system?

5. Until Watson and Crick published their paper demonstrating the double helix structure of DNA what organic substance did many scientists believe was the key to heredity?
    Nerve Cells
    Bone Marrow

6. Until the 20th century what was believed to be the smallest particle?

7. Until the late 19th century what did surgeons and other learned men believe caused infection following surgery?
    Lack of hygiene
    Polluted water
    Bad air
    Incorrect diet

8. Which two areas were severely adversely affected by the false doctrine "Rain Follows the Plow".
    South Africa &Texas
    The Great Plains, USA, & South Australia
    The Great Plains, USA, & South Africa
    Texas & South Australia

9. The Nei Jing or Chinese Book of Medicine first described a type of blood circulation in 300 BC but it was not until 1628 that an English physician correctly detailed this process. Who was he?
    William Harvey
    Dr Jean-Baptiste Denis
    Dr Richard Lower
    James Blundell

10. What was the name of the bishop, whose name might remind you of Edgar Allen Poe, who said that the creation of the earth started sometime after nightfall on 23rd October, 4004BC?
    John Wordsworth (1843-1911)
    Lawrence Booth (ca. 1420-1480)
    John Tillotson (1630 - 1694)
    James Ussher (1581-1656)

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Compiled Sep 07 12