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The Dubliners: in the Rare Oul' Times

Created by dsimpy

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The Dubliners in the Rare Oul Times game quiz
"The first LP record I ever bought was of The Dubliners, and I still have it nearly 40 years later. Toora loora loora loora loo! Take a look at the original line-up of this quintessential Irish folk ballad group, and some of their songs!"

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1. When The Dubliners' original four-man line-up began playing together in O'Donoghue's pub in 1962, what were they first known as?
    The Ronnie Drew Folk Group
    Thin Lizzy
    The Wolfe Tones

2. 'Well, if you've got a wing-o,
Take her up to Ring-o
Where the waxies sing-o, all the day;
If you've had your fill of porter, And you can't go any further
Give your man the order: "Back to the Quay!"'

These are the opening lines of a favourite Dubliners song called 'Monto (Take Her Up To Monto)'. Who or what was Monto?
    One of the Wicklow mountains
    A statue of Viscount Montgomery
    An infamous red light district
    A top Dublin department store

3. The original Dubliners line-up was Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Ciarán Bourke and Barney McKenna (followed by John Sheahan in 1964). Which of them was renowned as the virtuoso of banjo and mandolin?
    Barney McKenna
    Ronnie Drew
    Luke Kelly
    Ciarán Bourke

4. 'As down the Glen came McAlpine's men with their shovels slung behind them.
It was in the pub that they drank their sub or down in the spike you'll
find them.
They sweated blood and they washed down mud with pints and quarts of beer.
And now we're on the road again with McAlpine's Fusiliers.'

This Dominic Behan-penned song was written specifically for The Dubliners. Who were McAlpine's Fusiliers?
    Construction workers
    Swiss mountaineers
    Infantry soldiers
    Workers in a disinfectant factory

5. Luke Kelly's voice, more than any other, defined The Dubliners. Which song, with which he was particularly associated and which was written by Phil Coulter, tackled the issue of Down's Syndrome?
    The Foggy Dew
    Scorn Not His Simplicity
    Rising of the Moon
    The Town I Loved So Well

6. In 2003, English folk singer Kate Rusby recorded a traditional ballad called 'The Goodman'. Which earlier Irish folk version, which The Dubliners brought to No. 7 on the British record charts in 1967, is usually sung - for reasons of propriety or censorship - without the last two verses (making the song's title a bit inaccurate)?
    Will You Come to the Bower
    Finnegan's Wake
    Seven Drunken Nights
    The Wild Rover

7. Which member of the early Dubliners line-up was particularly associated with songs in the Irish language?
    John Sheahan
    Luke Kelly
    Ciarán Bourke
    Ronnie Drew

8. 'And the auld triangle went jingle jangle
All along the banks of the Royal Canal.'

Luke Kelly sang this Brendan Behan-penned song, 'The Auld Triangle', without musical accompaniment - with the rest of The Dubliners joining in on the refrain. What was 'the auld triangle'?
    A metal triangle beaten to wake up prisoners
    A Rag and Bone Man's 'bell'
    A musical percussion instrument
    A child's stick and metal hoop toy

9. Although the 'classic' Dubliners line-up was Drew, Kelly, McKenna, Bourke and Sheahan, several other musicians have been part of the band at different times. Who took his own life in 1982 and is sometimes referred to as 'the forgotten Dubliner'?
    Paddy Reilly
    Patsy Watchorn
    Jim McCann
    Bob Lynch

10. 'Oh the Russians and the Yanks, with lunar probes they play,
Toora loora loora loora loo!
And I hear the French are trying hard to make up lost headway,
Toora loora loora loora loo!
But now the Irish join the race,
We have an astronaut in space,
Ireland, boys, is now a world power too!'

What is this Joe Dolan-penned song, made famous by The Dubliners, which commemorates a popular bomb explosion in Dublin against a symbol of Britishness?
    Dublin in the Rare Old Times
    The Rocky Road to Dublin
    Nelson's Farewell
    The Ould Orange Flute

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