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Canadian Shield Rock Art Tradition

Created by wendiggler

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Canadian Shield Rock Art Tradition game quiz
"The rock art that is found in the Pre-Cambrian Shield region of North America can provide insight into several key cultural processes including lifestyle, ideology and subsistence strategies. Try the quiz and learn about this rock art."

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1. Which of these choices characterizes the most common and widespread form of Shield rock art?

2. Pictographs refer to a type of rock art that is created by applying a pigment to rock faces; these are sometimes referred to as "rock paintings." Which of these choices is the most common form of pigment used in creating pictographs within the Shield region?
    Animal blood
    Red ochre
    House paint

3. The creation of pictographs is not done on a whim. The time, energy and resources expended in acquiring the materials, preparing the pigment and their subsequent application suggests that much thought had gone into their depictions. Which of these choices best characterizes the function or purpose of creating pictographs?
    To create a historical record of an event
    All of these
    To provide lessons or teachings in perpetuity
    To show the sacred significance of a site

4. Rock art panels of the painted variety are almost always created in a manner that positions the images facing and directly above waterways. Which of these choices best describes the reason why they have been created in these locations?
    These locations were chosen so that tourists and fishermen could be amused.
    These locations were chosen so that areas of great fishing were marked.
    These locations were chosen so that damaging water borne processes would eventually erase them.
    These locations represent the three cosmos and were regarded as the home of the spirits.

5. Understanding that pictographs have been intentionally placed within the direct context of water surfaces, which of these choices represents the most likely way in which these paintings have been constructed?
    From within a canoe
    Through hanging upside down from a cliff above with additional people holding the artist's ankles
    Through the construction of a wooden platform, upon which the artist stands
    While treading water

6. Rock paintings of the Shield Rock Art Tradition have been shown to function in numerous ways and therefore depict thematic imagery relating to a variety of activities that range from the ideological to that of the utilitarian. Which of these choices best reflects who the author or artist may be?
    Shamans or medicine people
    Any person wishing to share their vision
    Spirit beings themselves are known to be responsible
    Adolescent boys and girls

7. Some of the rock art panels found in the Shield show a remarkable level of detail and stylistic embellishment; which of these tools or applicators was the most commonly used for painting the images?
    The fingers
    An amputated beaver paw, dried and cured
    An artist's brush made from hairs of a moose
    A pigment-saturated cloth or piece of leather

8. How significant are these rock art images in terms of continual cultural use, function and importance?
    Not important at all, they are useless features.
    Very important as it was well known that these images, and the message contained therein would last forever.
    The work was done by simple nomads and thus has no cultural relevance.
    They were only important to the cultures that existed during the time of their creation.

9. If you encounter a rock art panel while travelling through the Shield region, what is the best course of action?
    Observe them with respect and avoid physically touching them
    Paint over them with modern synthetic paint
    Ignore them altogether, or shoot at them repeatedly with a rifle
    Attempt to remove the portion of painted rock for further analysis

10. In regards to the subject matter of the depicted figures that comprise a painted panel, which of these choices represents the most commonly depicted (represented) figure found in rock art across the Shield region?
    Spirit beings

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