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Come and explore the enigmatic world of art within the quizzes below. Among these quizzes can be found questions regarding art from the many civilizations, from ancient to modern. Whether you love the Renaissance, the French Impressionists, or the very modern, the art category will have something for you...break out your easel and palette and enjoy!
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1 Prehistoric Artists and Rock Art
Since Prehistoric times, art has been created. Some of this 'Rock Art', luckily, is still there for us to see, and to marvel at.
10 Q
Nov 08 01
2100 plays
2 Famous Paintings of European Masters
These are masterpieces of the Dutch Golden Age, Spanish Golden Age, Renaissance, Expressionism, Impressionism and Cubism. I hope you like them.
10 Q
Jun 13 15
183 plays
3 Scandalous Art
Art has never met with polite indifference. Art has inspired and enraptured, but also provoked, shocked, and even created public uproars. This quiz focuses on some of the most famous scandals in art history.
20 Q
Jun 25 07
2790 plays
4 YOUR Night At the Museum
As you begin your first night shift guarding some of the world's most valuable works of art, you are shocked to see that they have come to life! Using your knowledge of famous art, get everything back the way it was by morning and keep your job!
10 Q
Sep 24 09
1995 plays
5 Masterpiece
A simple quiz on a variety of artists and their artwork. There will be questions on different types of art from different periods of time.
10 Q
Sep 03 13
1845 plays
6 Eliminate a Choice - Art
I will list four names/terms, you simply must decide which doesn't belong based on your knowledge of art. In most cases I will try not to be tricky, but I certainly won't be giving these away! Good luck...
10 Q
Jun 05 03
3039 plays
7 Take a Bow
Here is a broad selection of art-related questions covering the past couple of centuries, with a couple much older. There are a range of questions, including who should "Take a Bow" for some of these.
10 Q
Jan 15 14
861 plays
8 My Velvet Elvis Collection
Not only do I believe that Elvis is still alive, I believe that Elvis transcends time. As proof, I am offering this quiz based on my collection of Velvet Elvis paintings.
10 Q
Jan 31 05
735 plays
9 Art, Artists, and Inspiration
Enjoy a stroll through the virtual museum of Team Kaffeeklatsch to visit some of our favorite paintings with stories to tell. The collection was compiled for the Amazing Trivia Race 2.
10 Q
Oct 03 13
399 plays
10 Arty Allsorts (A Bit Easy)
"I so dunno nuttin' about art, so I had a lot of fun compiling this quiz. Hope you have as much fun doing it! Check out the interesting information as well."
10 Q
Sep 23 04
2808 plays
11 Art and Symbolism in India
If you are an Indian art afficionado you should enjoy this quiz. If not, you might learn a thing or two.
10 Q
Jul 07 00
1341 plays
12 Arty Allsorts (A Bit Hard)
A grab-bag from the year dot to now, including architecture. Check out the interesting info - some of it's actually interesting!
10 Q
Sep 10 04
816 plays
13 Controversial Works of Art
Whether intentional or otherwise here are ten works of art that caused controversy when they first appeared.
10 Q
Mar 23 12
801 plays
14 Art Mix
A little bit of everything about art. Hope you enjoy it.
10 Q
Mar 17 01
3138 plays
15 What's In A Painting?
No dates, biography or style/genre questions, just what's in some of my favourite paintings: timescale 15th to 18th century.
15 Q
Oct 15 11
1011 plays
16 Anecdotes And Trivia About Great Painters
This quiz is about anecdotes, little facts from the lives - turbulent or not- of some of the more famous painters in European and American history.
10 Q
Sep 12 03
1374 plays
17 Growing a Painting
Team quiz by Comedy of Errors
Some paintings grow on you, some have things growing in them, some are organic entities in their own right. Here are some questions organically linked to paintings for you to solve.
10 Q
Jul 31 10
753 plays
18 When Bad Things Happen to Good Art
Fire, flood, fraud,'s frightening to be a fabulous work of art!
10 Q
Aug 14 04
1338 plays
19 Eye-Catching Art Questions
Shift yourself into the aesthetic mode as we take a tour through my virtual art gallery. Here are 10 randomly selected questions about art and artists, see if you can't recall some of the answers...good luck!
10 Q
Aug 15 00
2427 plays
20 Elephant Artists: Painting for Peanuts
The creative community can be a real jungle! How much do you know about the works of art created by elephants all over the world?
10 Q
Nov 26 04
495 plays
21 Art Smarts
Earn your intelligence in the art field by answering these ten questions from all across the canvas.
10 Q
Oct 09 13
486 plays
22 Mesmerizing Art Questions
These 10 questions should be a challenge to any art lover. I have selected these questions at random, based on my varying knowledge of the world of art...I hope you find the questions educating and entertaining...good luck!
10 Q
Aug 17 00
1791 plays
23 Saintly and Secular
This quiz has been created by ldubose and mnbates out of discussions we have had on art and architecture created for religious or commercial reasons. There are five questions from each of us.
10 Q
Aug 22 06
711 plays
24 Just Picture This
Here's a quick trip into the world of art and artists with some colourful questions.
10 Q
Mar 06 10
1173 plays
25 Famous Artists and Works of Art
Do you like fine art? I do. Here's a few basic questions.
15 Q
Feb 19 00
12801 plays
26 Painting Details
Almost unobserved details can add special meaning to a painting. Test your observational skills by playing this quiz.
10 Q
Dec 19 07
864 plays
27 Asian Art-cultures
Fascinating questions about ancient Asian art-cultures, societies and aesthetics!
Very Difficult
10 Q
Oct 01 00
651 plays
28 Art For Goodness Sake!
This is a quiz for people who really want to be challenged. The questions are very tough but I have faith in you brainiacs! I tried to make it as tough as I could without being ridiculous.
10 Q
Jul 24 00
1887 plays
29 Art and Food
Food has always played an important role in art, often giving additional meaning to an artwork. Join this quiz to test your observation skills...
10 Q
Dec 12 07
792 plays
30 Canadian Shield Rock Art Tradition
The rock art that is found in the Pre-Cambrian Shield region of North America can provide insight into several key cultural processes including lifestyle, ideology and subsistence strategies. Try the quiz and learn about this rock art.
10 Q
Aug 16 10
168 plays
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This is category 169
Last Updated Jul 01 15 6:04 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* Who painted 'View of Toledo'?
* Pointillism is most associated with....?
* What turn of the century (1900) school of art emphasized stylized natural forms?
* What artist was nicknamed 'Jack The Dripper'?
* What artist invented the mobile, a form of kinetic sculpture?

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