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Created by skunkee

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Inception
Inception game quiz
"Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, "Inception" takes you on a fascinating journey of mind manipulation, through the world of dreams. Contains Spoilers!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Cobb, a man who makes his living by pirating information from people's dreams. When the movie opens, where do we find Cobb?
    asleep in his bed
    playing with his children
    visiting his father-in-law
    washed up on a beach

2. Cobb and his team unsuccessfully try to get some ideas from Saito's dreams (because Saito held back some key components). Saito views the attempt as a kind of audition, to see how good they are. He wants to hire them to implant an idea into Robert Fischer's mind. Why does he want this done?
    Saito wants to take over Fischer's business.
    Fischer's company could put Saito out of business.
    Saito wants revenge of Fischer for hurting Saito's daughter.
    Fischer is Saito's half brother and is standing in the way of Saito inheriting.

3. Although skilled in extracting information from people's sleeping minds, Cobb's team feels that the implanting of an idea, or inception, is almost impossible. Cobb agrees that it's difficult but doesn't think it impossible. What makes him anxious to try?
    the challenge of the job itself
    the outrageous amount of money being offered
    the chance of going home to his children
    the desire to escape to limbo with Mal

4. Who said "I never taught you to be a thief"?
    Robert Fischer
    Miles (Cobb's father-in-law)

5. The plan for inception is done within three levels of dreams. This is controlled by some tailor made drugs. Where are the dreamers sleeping when they first enter the layers of dreams?
    in Mile's classroom
    in an airplane
    in Cobb's workshop
    in Saito's home in Japan

6. Where do they eventually end up, once they enter the first level of the dream?
    on a tropical island
    at a nightclub
    in an underground cave
    in a van, being driven by Yusuf

7. Normally when someone is killed in a dream they wake up. Because of the drugs being used to achieve three levels of dreams, waking up will not happen. What will happen to anyone who is killed in the dream?
    They will die in reality.
    They will go into limbo.
    They will lapse into a coma.
    They cannot be killed in the dream.

8. How are dreamers often woken from dreams?
    by being administered a drug
    with cold water
    with a kick
    by being slapped

9. The special challenge presented in the inception case is the synchronisation of waking the dreamers on all three levels. What is the signal that it is time to be woken?
    cannon blast
    bright flash of light
    taste of lemons

10. Which two members of the inception scenario die in the dream?
    Cobb and Ariadne
    Ariadne and Maurice Fischer
    Eames and Saito
    Saito and Robert Fischer

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Compiled Jun 28 12