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Created by StephandJake

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Taken game quiz
"Liam Neeson stars in one of the most 'take your breath away' action-dramas I've ever seen. You saw it too? But did you pay attention?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What present does Brian give his daughter, Kim, for her birthday?
    digital camera
    mp3 player
    karaoke machine

2. What are the first names of Kim's mother and stepfather?
    Lenore and Stuart
    Lynette and Vincent
    Linda and Isaac
    Hilda and Grant

3. In the first few scenes of the movie, we are told of Brian's main goal, which is what?
    open his own successful security business
    establish a closer relationship with Kim
    try to get his ex-wife back
    buy a bigger house

4. Brian is asked by his friends and former co-workers to help them with security for a concert. What is the name of the singer who performs at the concert?
    Sherry Lynn

5. Brian and Kim meet for lunch the day after the concert. When Kim arrives at the restaurant, Brian has ordered her favorite milkshake. What is the flavor of the milkshake?
    peanut butter banana with whipped cream
    raspberry banana with cherries
    chocolate caramel with cherries
    pineapple raspberry with whipped cream

6. Where do the kidnappers find a terrified Kim hiding?
    in the closet
    under the bed
    in the bathroom
    in the clothes hamper

7. Who is run over by a truck and killed while running from Brian?
    one of the kidnappers
    the spotter from the airport
    the taxi driver
    a security guard from the airport

8. After arriving in Paris, Brian catches up with Jean-Claude, a former friend/colleague to discuss Kim's kidnapping. During the movie, whenever we see Jean-Claude, he keeps talking about a particular piece of furniture. What is the piece of furniture?
    king-size bed

9. While at the restaurant, Kim lies and tells Brian she wants to go to Paris for what reason?
    to study art and go to museums
    take cooking classes
    go to fashion shows and meet designers
    to visit her friend's grandmother

10. Why does Brian start an argument with the prostitute on the street?
    to find out the name of the hotel where she takes clients
    so he could plant a bug on her pimp
    to start a street fight
    to distract the other prostitutes

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Compiled Jun 28 12