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Short Sketch of Scripture's 'Selfless Silas'

Created by Cowrofl

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Short Sketch of Scriptures Selfless Silas game quiz
"Silas was a key worker in the early church, often laboring tirelessly behind the scenes and in the shadows of Paul and Peter. How much do you know about 'Selfless Silas'? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Acts 15:22 tells of the council at Jerusalem appointing Silas and another man to go with Paul and Barnabas to present a special letter of instructions to Gentile believers in Antioch. What was the name of the other man?
    Cornelius the centurion.
    Luke the physician.
    Judas, called Barsabbas.
    Philip the disciple.

2. Acts 15:36-41 tells of Paul having a disagreement with Barnabas and deciding to take Silas with him on a missionary journey. Who did Barnabas want to go on the trip with Paul?
    Luke the physician.
    Peter the disciple.
    Cornelius the centurion.
    John, also called Mark

3. At Lystra, Silas and Paul were joined by a young church worker, as per Acts 16:1. What was his name?

4. Acts 16 tells of Silas and Paul being followed by a slave girl in Philippi who kept shouting "these men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved." According to verse 18 (NIV), for how long did she keep following Silas and Paul?
    Many days
    Seven hours
    Two days
    A few minutes

5. Silas and Paul ended up before the magistrates and things turned ugly, as per Acts 16:21-23. Scripture states a crowd joined in the attack against the two church workers and after they were stripped, flogged and severely beaten, they were thrown into prison. In what part of the jail were Silas and Paul imprisoned? (Acts 16:24)
    In the couryard.
    Outer cell.
    Inner cell.
    Beside the jailer's room.

6. Acts 16:25-26 states after midnight an earthquake shook the prison and "at once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody's chains came loose." What did Silas and Paul do?
    Made a break for it.
    Scripture doesn't say.
    Got in an argument with other prisoners.
    Stayed in their cell.

7. After Silas and Paul left prison, where did they go? (Acts 16:40)
    Lydia's house.
    Salome's house.
    Tabitha's house.
    Sapphira's house.

8. Acts 17:10-13 tells of Silas and Paul leaving Thessalonica and going to another community where the people received the Gospel message with "great eagerness." What was the name of the city in which Silas and Paul had so much success?

9. Although 1 and 2 Thessalonians were written by Paul, the two books also start with Silas' name and Timothy's name.

10. In 1 Peter 5:12, how does the disciple Peter describe Silas?

    A faithful brother.
    A man who can't be trusted.
    A man weak in the faith.
    A man who is humble and contrite.

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