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Nothing is Impossible

Created by dcpddc478

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Nothing is Impossible game quiz
"Many people believe that nothing is impossible. Here are just a few people who proved that things others thought to be impossible were in fact, possible. How many of these amazing people do you know?"

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1. For centuries people thought that it was impossible for humans to fly. Which of the following brothers proved them wrong?
    The Wright Brothers
    The Brothers Grimm
    The Righteous Brothers
    The Ringling Brothers

2. It was generally accepted that it was impossible for humans to go faster than the speed of sound. Which of the following men was the first to break the sound barrier?
    Neil Armstrong
    Evel Knievel
    Tom Cruise
    Chuck Yeager

3. For most of history it was thought to be impossible to talk to someone who was in another town without actually going and visiting them first. What inventor proved that this could be done when he invented the first practical telephone?
    Alexander Graham Bell
    George Washington Carver
    Bill Gates

4. In 1961, what country did the impossible by putting the first man in space?
    Soviet Union

5. Which inventor created many things thought to be impossible, such as the phonograph, the motion picture camera and the first practical light bulb?
    Ted Turner
    Donald Trump
    Thomas Edison
    Charles Darwin

6. At one time it was thought impossible to sail around the world. What famed explorer launched the first expedition to successfully circumnavigate the world?
    Ferdinand Magellan
    Christopher Columbus
    Jacques Cousteau

7. Until the 20th century, most personal land transportation was done on foot or by using animals and changing this was thought impossible. Which American industrialist is credited with the first assembly line process for mass production of automobiles?
    Henry Ford
    Gerald Ford
    John Ford
    Harrison Ford

8. While you may not be familiar with Wilhelm Roentgen, he created the first machine that made it possible to see the insides of a living human being without performing surgery. In 1895 what type of impossible machine did he invent?

9. Until 1824 most of the world thought that it was impossible for the blind to read. What was the name of the man who proved them wrong by inventing a type of writing for the blind that is named after him?
    Abraham Lincoln
    Tom Cruise
    Louis Braille
    Bill Gates

10. What was the name of the woman who accomplished the impossible when in 1904 she graduated from Radcliffe College despite being both deaf and blind?
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Helen Keller
    Anna Pavlova
    Marie Curie

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