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Reign of Love

Created by CellarDoor

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Royalty & Monarchs
Reign of Love game quiz
"Throughout history, royals often married for political reasons instead of for love, but there were exceptions. Here are ten couples who managed to pull off a romance, even if they didn't all make it to a happy ending."

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1. He was the nephew of the Byzantine Emperor. She was a reformed actress and courtesan. The law forbade their marriage, so he changed the law, and thus began a historic partnership during which the eastern and western halves of the Roman Empire were briefly reunited. Who were they?
    Theodora and Justinian
    Agrippina and Claudius
    Euphemia and Justin
    Livia Drusilla and Augustus

2. He was a Mughal emperor with three wives; she, the "jewel of the palace," was his favorite. After her death in childbirth, he built a tomb for her that is famous the world over as a symbol of love. Who were they?
    Udaipuri Mahal and Aurangzeb
    Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan
    Mariam uz-Zamani and Akbar
    Nur Jahan and Jahangir

3. Love isn't always enough, even for royalty. She was a widow, daughter of a sugar planter in the Caribbean; he was a French military officer who saw an opening for something grander. Together they became Emperor and Empress, but their marriage was doomed by affairs and dynastic ambitions, and they divorced five years later. His last word was her name. Who were they?
    Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI
    Hildegard and Charlemagne
    Eugenie and Napoleon III
    Josephine and Napoleon

4. She was a Spanish princess, distrusted by the people she had come to rule, who endured civil war and crusade at the side of her husband. He was a longlegged English king whose life was marked by war with nobles and neighbors. Their love endured her death; the crosses he built to honor her burial procession have made their mark on English geography. Who were they?
    Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England
    Ælfgifu of Northampton and Cnut the Great
    Empress Matilda of England and Geoffrey of Anjou
    Eleanor of Castile and Edward I of England

5. She was a German princess, fiercely devout; he was a Russian prince in an authoritarian family. When they met as teenaged cousins they fell for each other at once, and they spent years lobbying their parents to make the match. Though they were happy in their marriage and named saints after their deaths, their story had a horrific ending. Who were they?
    Anastasia and Alexei
    Nadia and Vladimir II
    Maria and Alexander III
    Alexandra and Nicholas II

6. Here's another case where even royal love couldn't make a happy ending. She was a young Bavarian duchess; he, her cousin, was an emperor who was supposed to make a match with her sister. They fell for each other at once, but their marriage suffered from intrusive in-laws and the loss of a child. When she was assassinated, he was devastated by words unsaid and things undone. Who were they?
    Elisabeth and Franz Josef
    Sophie and Franz Ferdinand
    Sophie and Franz Karl
    Elisabeth and Frederick

7. He was a Biblical king with many wives and concubines; she was the wife of one of his officers. He fell hopelessly in love with her when he first saw her. Their marriage began with adultery and murder, but at the end of his life, it was her counsel and her son that the king honored. Who were they?
    Michal and David
    Bathsheba and David
    Jezebel and Ahab
    Deborah and Lapidoth

8. He wasn't one for true love, but one of his six queens saw more enduring tenderness from him than the rest combined. He was an absolute monarch and a religious reformer who was desperate for a son. She was a quiet English noblewoman who died soon after childbirth and is buried next to her husband. Who were they?
    Catherine Howard and Henry VIII
    Anne of Cleves and Henry VII
    Catherine Parr and Edward VI
    Jane Seymour and Henry VIII

9. He was Pharaoh of all Egypt, a religious reformer who continues to fascinate people today. She was his Great Royal Wife, and her very name proclaimed her beauty. The art of their day shows them as affectionate partners, a sharp departure from depictions of other ancient Egyptian marriages. Who were they?
    Hatshepsut and Thutmose II
    Tiye and Amenhotep III
    Ankhesenamun and Ay
    Nefertiti and Akhenaten

10. She was a British princess, destined to lend her name to an era. He was the son of a German duke. When they wed, they launched a great partnership; their grandchildren ruled much of Europe. Who were they?
    Alexandra and Edward
    Anne and George
    Elizabeth and Philip
    Victoria and Albert

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