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And 'So' On

Created by rossian

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Words in Common
And So  On game quiz
"The answers to the following questions all contain the word 'so' somewhere in the middle. Can you work out the answer from the clues given?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. For example - take an abbreviation for religious education and a stringed instrument from the Renaissance era. Insert 'so' to find a word meaning 'determined'. RE and lute with 'so' inserted produces 'resolute'. Now try these:

Take a word meaning to cheat (or cause pain) and the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. Add 'Los Angeles' and insert 'so' to find a flower.
    Answer: (10 letters starting with G)

2. Take the chemical symbols for chromium and uranium. Add the international vehicle registration for Spain and insert 'so' to find a fictional castaway.
    Answer: (6 letters starting with C)

3. Take a short name for a criminal who has been found guilty and the chemical symbol for lithium. Add the name of the fruit of a palm tree and insert 'so' for a word meaning to strengthen or combine into a whole.
    Answer: (11 letters starting with C)

4. Take the chemical symbol for arsenic and the initials for a US government agency formed in 1947. Add the chemical symbol for titanium and an antonym for off. Then insert 'so' for a noun meaning 'an organised body with a common interest or purpose'.
    Answer: (11 letters starting with A)

5. Take the abbreviations for Michigan and the direction opposite north. Add the chemical symbol for uranium and the abbreviation for the smallest US state by area. Insert 'so' to find another US state.
    Answer: (8 letters starting with M)

6. Take the word meaning 'to, for or by each' and the chemical symbol for nickel. Add an abbreviation of Fiona, a feline and a charged atom. Then insert 'so' for a 'metaphor in which a thing or abstraction is represented as human'.
    Answer: (15 letters starting with P)

7. Take an antonym for out and an abbreviation for company. Add the international car registration for the Netherlands and a word meaning competent. Insert 'so' for a word meaning 'unable to be comforted'.
    Answer: (12 letters starting with I)

8. Take a short expression used to show surprise or wonder and an abbreviation for Rolls Royce. Add the abbreviation for Indiana and insert 'so' for a former President of the USA (or a Beatle).
    Answer: (8 letters, starting with H)

9. Take an abbreviation for the British Library and an alternative for the clothing size XL. Add a Chinese dynasty and insert 'so' for a word meaning 'flowering'.
    Answer: (10 letters starting with B)

10. Take the two letters which are the official medical name for a heart attack and the compass direction opposite south. Add the abbreviation for Nebraska and a child's version of 'thank you'. Then insert 'so' to find another US state.
    Answer: (9 letters starting with M)

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Compiled Jun 28 12