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Blue Jays

Created by bljay29

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Toronto Blue Jays
Blue Jays game quiz
"A quiz about the Toronto Blue Jays."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 1986, who was the first Blue Jay to lead the AL in home runs?
    Willie Upshaw
    George Bell
    Jesse Barfield
    Fred McGriff

2. In 1989, who did Cito Gaston replace as the Jays manager after only 36 games?
    Bobby Cox
    Buck Martinez
    Roy Hartsfield
    Jimy Williams

3. In 1989, which Blue Jay led the AL in home runs?
    Fred McGriff
    George Bell
    Joe Carter
    Jesse Barfield

4. In 1998, who became the first Jay to have 30 home runs and 30 steals?
    Jose Canseco
    Shawn Green
    Joe Carter
    Jose Cruz Jr

5. Where did Dave Stieb pitch his no-hitter?
    Yankee Stadium
    Cleveland Stadium
    Sky Dome
    Exhibition Stadium

6. How many Gold Gloves awards did Roberto Alomar win as a member of the Jays?

7. How many All-Star games did Dave Stieb play in?

8. What team traded David Cone to the Jays in 1992?
    New York Mets
    Montreal Expos
    New York Yankees
    Kansas City Royals

9. How many Royals did Roger Clemens strike out in 1998 to set a Blue Jay record?

10. In 1990, who set a team record for triples in one season?
    Manny Lee
    Roberto Alomar
    Tony Fernandez
    Devon White

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Compiled Jun 28 12