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Journey to the River Sea

Created by Rowena8482

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Ibbotson, Eva
Journey to the River Sea game quiz
"How much do you remember about Eva Ibbotson's charming story all about Maia and her friends?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. As the story begins, Maia is an orphan girl who lives at her boarding school. Which school is this?
    Mayfair Academy for Young Ladies
    Harbinger Court Middle School
    Dothegirls Hall
    Miss Malone's Institute

2. Maia is sent to Brazil, to live with her distant relations, the Carter family. Mr. Carter is a rubber grower, with a strange hobby. What is this hobby?
    He stuffs animals and displays them on stands
    He collects shoe laces
    He makes pictures from animal dung
    He collects glass eyes

3. What is the name of the Carter's house?
    Ka Mani

4. Miss Minton's umbrella has a broken handle. How did it break?
    It was run over by a carriage wheel
    Gwendolyn cut it with her pen knife
    Lady Orpington's peke chewed on it
    She beat Henry Hartington with it

5. What is the name of the boat on which Maia and Miss Minton set sail for Brazil?

6. Aboard ship, Maia makes friends with a boy who is travelling with a troupe of actors. During the course of the book, he goes by three different names. Which of these is NOT one of those names?
    Jimmy Bates
    Finn Tavener
    Michael Spongler
    Clovis King

7. During the performance of "Little Lord Fauntleroy" at the theatre in Manaus, something goes wrong. What is it?
    The lead character's voice breaks
    The water tank on the roof bursts
    Fire breaks out
    A monkey gets onstage and bites the leading lady

8. During her first night at the Carter's house, Maia is comforted when she hears a familiar tune being whistled outside her window. Which tune is this?
    Blow the Wind Southerly
    Brahm's Lullaby
    Skye Boat Song
    The Twelve Days of Christmas

9. What is Miss Minton's first name?

10. Professor Glastonberry, the curator of the museum, dreams of finding a live specimen of which creature?
    Sabre tooth jaguar
    Giant red sloth
    Imperial Blue fritillary butterfly

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