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Dodger-Giant Traitors

Created by Nightmare

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DodgerGiant Traitors game quiz
"As equally a hated rivalry as the Red Sox-Yankees, this all multiple choice quiz is about the Dodger-Giant rivalry which began as early as the 1930s. See if you can identify the traitors who crossed the line and played for the other team."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the hated Dodger-Giant rivalry, this outfielder played for the Dodgers from 1976-1983. He had the audacity of signing as a free agent with the Giants in 1984, then after he retired, managed the Giants for 10 seasons. Who is this traitor?
    Walter Alston
    Leo Durocher
    Dusty Baker
    Steve Garvey

2. This Giant pitcher played in San Francisco from 1960-1973. He more than fueled the Dodger-Giant rivalry in 1965 by clubbing Dodger catcher John Roseboro in the head with his bat. In 1975, Dodger fans were shocked when the team signed him as a free agent. Who is this Hall of Fame pitcher?
    Gaylord Perry
    Ray Sadecki
    Frank Linzy
    Juan Marichal

3. This outfielder played for the Braves and Indians, then became a San Francisco Giant in 1988. In 1991, he had a choice after being released by the Giants, but was a traitor and signed with the Dodgers in 1991 as a free agent. If you remember this player, he carried a water bottle into the outfield with him due to throat issues, which Major League Baseball banned. Who was this 1996 Major League Baseball Branch Rickey Award winner?
    Stan Musial
    Brett Butler
    Roy Campanella
    Jeff Torborg

4. The Dodger-Giant rivalry started way back when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn against the New York Giants. This pitcher played for Brooklyn from 1918 to 1926, then signed with the New York Giants in 1927. Who was this pitcher who Major League Baseball grandfathered in, to legally throw the spitball when they changed the rules against it?
    Burleigh Grimes
    Denny McLain
    Gaylord Perry
    Christy Mathewson

5. This catcher began his career as a Giant in 1961, and played with them until they traded him to the Dodgers for Ron Hunt and Nate Oliver just prior to the 1968 season, so he didn't have much choice. He played for another four seasons with the Dodgers, then his final season with the Tigers in 1972. Who is this all-star catcher?
    Carlton Fisk
    Steve Yeager
    Thurman Munson
    Tom Haller

6. This Cy Young Award pitcher played for 11 seasons with the Dodgers before signing with the Indians in 1995. This 'bulldog' had the audacity of signing with the Giants as a free agent in 1998, then came back to retire as a Dodger in 2000. Who was this all-star pitcher?
    Orel Hershiser
    Don Sutton
    Mickey Lolich
    David Wells

7. This Giant pitcher was on the mound against the Dodgers in 1951 when Bobby Thomson hit the "shot heard round the world". This resulted in the Giants defeating the Dodgers and going to the World Series against the Yankees. The Dodgers bought his contract from the Indians in 1956, and he finished runner-up to the first Cy Young Award ever presented. Who is this pitcher nicknamed, "The Barber"?
    John Odom
    Dave McNally
    Jim Palmer
    Sal Maglie

8. This Hall of Fame slugger spent 16 seasons with the Dodgers from 1947-1962. The franchise gave him the opportunity to go to six World Series with them. He showed his appreciation by joining and retiring as a Giant in 1964. Who is this traitor that hit four World Series home runs twice as a Dodger?
    Jim Davenport
    Willie Davis
    Ron Cey
    Duke Snider

9. This Hall of Famer was inducted as a manager. He played with Brooklyn for six seasons before playing for the Giants for two seasons. He didn't know where he was because he then went back to Brooklyn to manage the Dodgers in the 1930s. Later, he had the helm of a team that won 10 league pennants in 12 seasons, but neither were the Dodgers or Giants. Who was this great?
    Tom Lasorda
    Casey Stengel
    Leo Durocher
    Danny Murtaugh

10. In six seasons, this second baseman played for the Giants from 1997-2002. He was the NL MVP in 2000. He became a traitor and played his final four seasons with the Dodgers from 2005-2008. Who was this that won four Silver Slugger awards and was a four-time All-Star?
    Bill Mazeroski
    Willie McCovey
    Jeff Kent
    Wes Parker

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