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Mila Kunis

Created by JandSTravel

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Mila Kunis game quiz
"It's hard to believe this is the first quiz about this talented and beautiful actress. Lets see how well you know the films and characters of Mila Kunis."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Before Mila Kunis was a recognised name in Hollywood, she appeared as the eleven-year-old title character in a 1998 movie about a fashion model whose life was tragically cut short. Angelina Jolie stars in this movie and Mila plays the same character, just a little earlier on in her life. What was the name this movie?
    Girl, Interrupted
    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
    Pushing Tin

2. Mila's breakthrough role was in the Fox sitcom, "That '70s Show" (1998-2005) alongside Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace and Laura Prepon. What was her character's name?

3. In 2001, Mila had a small role in the teen comedy "Get Over It" with Kirsten Dunst, Ben Foster, Shane West and Martin Short. Which Shakespearean play is this film based on?
Hint - it is also the play being put on by the students in this movie.
    Much Ado About Nothing
    Romeo And Juliet
    A Midsummer Night's Dream
    The Taming Of The Shrew

4. Mila's voice was the star in the animated comedy series "Family Guy" (1999-2010). Despite being part of the Griffin family, her character is seen as the loser of the bunch and is always made fun of, regularly being mistaken for a boy. What is the name of the character Mila plays?
    Meg Griffin
    Diane Griffin
    Lois Griffin
    Christine Griffin

5. It's not just TV and film that Mila has lent her talent to. In 2006 she provided the voice of Tanya Winters in a computer game based around fighting and winning gang wars in the fictional city of Stilwater. What game is this?
    Need For Speed: Underground
    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    Saint's Row

6. Mila really hit the big time thanks to her role as the gorgeous hotel receptionist Rachel, in the Nicholas Stoller comedy "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" (2008). Her character, Rachel, had trouble in the past with ex-boyfriends not treating her well so she was unsure about a possible relationship with one of the other characters in the movie. Which character was that?
    Peter (Jason Segel)
    Brian (Bill Hader)
    Aldous (Russell Brand)
    Matthew (Jonah Hill)

7. Mila played the character of feisty assassin Mona Sax in which 2009 film?
Hint - The movie was based on a game and co-starred Mark Wahlberg.
    Max Payne
    Sin City
    Tomb Raider: Underworld
    Silent Hill

8. In 2007, Mila appeared with James Franco on the website "Funny or Die" performing in a parody of the MTV show, "The Hills" (2006). Shawn Levy was so impressed with their on-screen chemistry that he gave them both a role in his 2010 movie "Date Night" about a married couple who are mistaken for two thieves. What roles did Mila and James play in the movie?
    Phil's (Steve Carell's) brother and sister
    The assassins chasing Phil & Claire
    Claire's (Tina Fey's) brother and sister
    The real thieves

9. In 2010, Mila starred in a post-apocalyptic adventure starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman about a lone wanderer who protects a very important possession. She play the character of Solara, the daughter to the lover of an evil gang boss who uses her to seduce Denzel's character (I say this because his character's name is in the title of the movie). What is the name of this movie?
    The Book Of Eli
    Man On Fire
    Mad Max 4: The Book of the Apocalypse
    The Postman

10. Mila was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance as Lily in which 2010 Darren Aronofsky movie, telling the story of rival ballet dancers?
    Black Swan
    The Book Of Eli
    Swan Lake
    The Ballet

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