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The Girl Behind The Lyrics

Created by nmerr

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Female Names in Songs
The Girl Behind The Lyrics game quiz
"Ever wonder who the girl really is behind the lyrics to those classic rock songs? I'll name the song, you name the band or artist. Then I'll tell you something about the girl in the song."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. During the late 1960s, Donald Fagen met Walter Becker and was said to be impressed with the latter's guitar-playing abilities. After playing with local bands, the two formed their own band which went on to score several hit songs, one of which was "Rikki Don't Lose That Number." Which band wrote this song?
    Blood, Sweat & Tears
    Steely Dan
    The Hollies

2. In 1956, a fifteen-year-old Canadian-born musician wrote the song "Diana" for his eighteen-year-old love interest, Diana Ayoub. His persistence in wooing Diana annoyed her family, especially when the song became a huge international hit the following year. Who sang the hit song "Diana?"
    Neil Diamond
    Pat Boone
    Paul Anka
    Frankie Avalon

3. Initially recognized more for his songwriting abilities than his performing, this Brooklynite has forged a very successful career for himself. A wide range of artists have covered his songs, including Deep Purple's cover of "Kentucky Woman" and the Monkees'"I'm a Believer." In the late 1960s, he wrote the hit song "Sweet Caroline." Name this artist.
    Neil Diamond
    Paul Simon
    James Taylor
    Stephen Sills

4. This American rock group rose to prominence in the late 1970s with the catchy tune "My Sharona." Lead singer, Doug Fieger, had fallen in love with a sixteen-year-old student named Sharona Alperin. They stayed together four years before breaking up. Sharona and Doug remained friends until his death in 2010. Which rock band created the hit song "My Sharona?"
    The Eagles
    The Knack

5. During the late 1990s, front-man Adam Duritz fell for actress Monica Potter who was then starring with Robin Williams in the film "Patch Adams." The two dated for a short time. The song "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby" was specifically written for the actress. Which band does Adam Duritz front?
    Counting Crows
    The Cure
    Barenaked Ladies
    Smashing Pumpkins

6. One of rock music's most famous love triangles involved London model Patti Boyd and two very accomplished British musicians. One of the musicians, George Harrison, a member of the Beatles, fell in love with Patti. The couple married in 1966. According to Patti, George wrote the song "Something" for her. The third member of the love triangle wrote the song "Layla" for her. He had been a member of the rock band Cream prior to this. Name him.
    Robert Plant
    Eric Clapton
    David Rose
    Robert Palmer

7. This rock band from Manchester, England emerged as a force to be reckoned with during the 1960s. Their hit single, "Carrie Ann," was released in 1967. Members of the band included Tony Hicks, Allan Clarke and Graham Nash. By what name were they better known?
    The Animals
    The Hollies
    Herman's Hermits
    The Kinks

8. "Uptown Girl" was written by a singer/songwriter famous for dating top fashion models. He began writing the song for his girlfriend at the time, Australian model Elle Macpherson. When the relationship ended he began a relationship with model Christie Brinkley that resulted in marriage. The song's original title "Uptown Girls" was changed to the singular after he married Christie. Who wrote and sang the hit song "Uptown Girl?"
    Bryan Adams
    Billy Joel
    James Taylor
    Rod Stewart

9. An interesting story involves Jenny Boyd, younger sister of Patti. In 1967 she became good friends with a singer/songwriter from Scotland who wrote the song "Jennifer Juniper" specifically for her. Juniper is a variation of Jennifer, so the title is somewhat redundant. Also, Jenny isn't her real name. She was born Helen Mary Boyd. Her sister, Patti, was the one who called her Jenny after her favorite doll. So who wrote "Jennifer Juniper" for Jenny Boyd?
    David Bowie
    Tom Petty
    Rod Stewart

10. He formed the rock band The Crickets back in the 1950s and, even after his untimely death, continues to be a true rock legend. The song "Peggy Sue" was written for the girlfriend, later wife, of Jerry Allison, his drummer and also best friend. Allison had left the band prior to the plane crash that killed this rock legend as well as his band members. Please name him.
    Jerry Garcia
    Buddy Holly
    Leonard Cohen
    Buddy Rich

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