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Jack Daniel

Created by DarkHorse

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Jack Daniel game quiz
"Enjoy this quiz on the famous brewer."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Jack Daniel's is distilled in which town?
    Lynchburg, KY
    Lynchburg, VA
    Lynchburg, TN
    Lynchburg, GA

2. Jack Daniel was how old when he bought the distillery?

3. Jack Daniel's is referred to as what?
    old number 9
    gold number 9
    gold number 7
    old number 7

4. Jack Daniel's is distilled in a dry county (meaning it is illegal to buy or sell alcohol in the county).

5. Jack Daniel's nickname (in his early years) was what?
    Gentleman Jack
    Little Big Man
    Dandy Daniel

6. Also brewed at the distillery is 'Lem Motlow,' another Whiskey that is named after Jack's nephew (who later ran the operation). What else is named after Lem Motlow?
    Motlow Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center
    Lem Motlow Baptist Church
    Motlow State Community College
    Motlow State Correctional Institution

7. What 'proof' is Jack Daniel's (Black Label)?
    70 Proof
    151 Proof
    100 proof
    80 Proof

8. What is unusual about a Jack Daniel's bottle?
    It has a glass stopper as opposed to a cap that screws
    It is sealed with beeswax
    It is made of blown glass
    It is rectangular

9. How many times was Jack Daniel married?

10. In what unusual way did Jack Daniel die?
    He died of cirrhosis of the liver, after taking up drinking at the age of 40.
    While living with his sister, he died of an overdose of laudanum which she kept in an empty JD bottl
    He had a heart attack while being baptised in a creek during the winter.
    He forgot the combination of his safe, so he kicked it in frustration--resulting in gangrene of the foot.

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Compiled Jun 28 12