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Coffins, Caskets and Other Burial Containers

Created by dcpddc478

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Death Becomes Them
Coffins Caskets and Other Burial Containers game quiz
"This is just another quiz on a slightly morbid, but interesting topic. Coffins, caskets and other burial containers have been around for centuries and vary throughout the world. You might find that you know more about them than you thought you did!"

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1. What is the major difference between a coffin and a casket?
    What kind of trim they have
    Their shape
    One is made of wood, one is made of leather
    Their color

2. In Orthodox Judaism, what commonly featured item is usually not present in their coffins?
    They use no metal
    They use no wood
    They use no lid
    They use no varnish

3. The Ancient Greeks were known to use which of the following to inter their dead?
    Wicker baskets
    Leather bags
    Clay pottery
    Saran wrap

4. What is unusual about the sarcophagus of Russian leader Vladimir Lenin?
    It was made from a hollowed out log
    It broke in half during the funeral procession
    It was made of glass
    It was big enough for him and his dog

5. In 1892, a white limestone box was found in Egypt. Hieroglyphics on the side explained that it was the coffin of what kind of pet, held in regard by the Crown Prince Thutmose V?

6. The Bo people of southern regions in China do not bury their coffin, but place them in which of these alternate places?
    Put them in tall towers in the center of town
    Hang them from the side of cliffs
    They use their ponds as floating cemeteries
    In large trees

7. For corpses that have been exposed to high levels of radioactivity, which metal may be used to line their coffin?

8. Medieval Japanese coffins were usually made by artisans of which of the following crafts?

9. Some funeral homes offer rental coffins.

10. In many parts of Africa it is common to make caskets in the shapes of airplanes and automobiles.

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Compiled Jun 28 12