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folder Died in the 2000s (23) folder What a Way to Go (56)
folder Died in the 1960s (5) folder Died in the 1970s (6)
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1 Short Lives
A look at some brief lives.
10 Q
Aug 06 02
6897 plays
2 Exit With a Flourish
We've all got to go sometime. Here are some people who made a dramatic, unusual, or gory exit from this life into the next.
10 Q
Dec 02 14
204 plays
3 Paradise By Way of Kensal Green
Kensal Green Cemetery was established by an act of Parliament in 1832 and is the oldest private cemetery in London. Interred in its grounds are many famous residents from Victorian times to the modern day. Lets take a tour.
10 Q
Jan 27 08
687 plays
4 Ten Times Four is Forty
Four times ten equals forty, and all the people in this quiz died at that age, which is the only thing that they have in common. Good luck with identifying them.
10 Q
Jun 14 10
6957 plays
5 They Died in Their 30s
The world has lost many great and talented people who never made it to their 40th birthdays. This quiz pays homage to some of those who perished while still in their prime.
10 Q
Jul 20 09
3081 plays
6 They Died in Their 20s
As a follow up to my quiz on folks who died before 21 I thought it would be interesting to investigate a bit to find out who had left us before the age of 30...still very young! I hope this quiz is instructive...enjoy.
10 Q
Jul 04 02
7668 plays
7 Still Alive
OK, so now most of them are actually dead but at the time of their obituaries being published, these ten were very much still alive.
10 Q
Oct 30 11
927 plays
8 Gone Too Soon, Yet Not Forgotten
Ten well known people from different walks of life who may have died young but still managed to leave their mark.
10 Q
Jun 09 12
819 plays
9 Famous Burial Locations
Here are ten people who shook the world in life, but where are they in death?
10 Q
Jan 12 09
873 plays
10 Missing
People say it's a small world. Sometimes it has been too small for people to hide, but sometimes people have vanished without trace. What do you know of these famous 20th Century disappearances?
10 Q
Jan 16 05
4776 plays
11 Celebrities Whose Parents Were Murdered
The death of a parent is tragic for a child and even more so when the parent is murdered. Here are ten celebrities who have had to deal with that trauma.
10 Q
Sep 07 14
507 plays
12 Celebrating Their Lives - The Names Project
Begun in 1987, the AIDS quilt consists of over 44,000 individual panels, each acting to remember a person, or persons, who have died from AIDS. See how many of these famous people you recognize.
10 Q
Jan 19 03
2598 plays
13 Old and Lively
All of these people reached a ripe old age before passing away. Can you tell who they are?
10 Q
Jul 10 09
1761 plays
14 Die and Rise
This is a quiz about people who are thought to have died, but either actually lived on, or were rumored to have lived on after their supposed deaths.
10 Q
Jul 16 14
363 plays
15 They Died the Same Day
Inspired by the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, these questions are about people who died on the same day.
10 Q
Jun 04 12
930 plays
16 They Have Not Died in Vain
Here are ten people who were killed because they tried to make the world a better place. What do you know about them?
10 Q
Jun 10 12
813 plays
17 Famous People Who Died Before Age 21
These young people unfortunately left us at tender young ages, but not before making some sort of contribution to world history. Now we shall remember them here...good luck and enjoy!
10 Q
Jun 29 02
4656 plays
18 Ships That Passed In The Night
An interesting point from an earlier quiz dealt with famous people who were born on the same day other famous people died. It was something I simply couldn't pass up.
10 Q
Jun 04 07
786 plays
19 Dead Too Soon: Famous Folks Who Died Young
An old adage says "Life begins at 40" but a lot of quite famous (and some infamous) folks never even got close. Some you'll know and some will posssibly surprise you. It might be a good idea to take this quiz FAST!
10 Q
Mar 26 12
1188 plays
20 Elvis Didn't Die Alone: Ten August 16 Deaths
Throughout the ages many thousands have gone to the heartbreak hotel on August 16. The King is perhaps the most well known, but a lot of other famous folks left us crying in the chapel on the same date. Here are ten who got us all shook up!
10 Q
May 21 12
543 plays
21 Dead Too Soon II: More Famed Folks Who Died Young
This is my second "Dead Too Soon" quiz. It discusses 10 folks, who never lived beyond their 30's. But whether they were singers, musicians, or good samaritans, they had one thing in common. They all were "Dead Too Soon".
10 Q
Jun 02 12
540 plays
22 We All Gotta Go Sometime. Death. The Finale.
Rage against it. Mock it. Accept it. Long for it. However you feel about it, it happens. You pay your taxes and die. The following quiz involves how various literary figures felt about death - being here one minute and gone the next.
10 Q
Jan 21 10
870 plays
23 Quotable Death
Since it's everyone's final destination, perhaps we should see what some of the famous and infamous among us have had to say about death.
15 Q
Oct 02 04
3591 plays
24 Sparkling Cyanide
Cyanide and its poisoning effects have been associated with many people throughout history. Here are just a few ...
10 Q
Apr 02 10
480 plays
25 Why Not Visit a Cemetery When in Paris?
You could search far and wide without finding a larger collection of talent than that located at Père Lachaise in Paris. Unfortunately, Père Lachaise is a cemetery and the talent is deceased, but it's still an interesting place to visit.
10 Q
Oct 22 14
315 plays
26 Goodbye Cruel World: Folks Who Committed Suicide
Many people, rich or poor, have taken their own lives for reasons sometimes known only to themselves, sometimes for reasons they shared. Can you answer these questions about who, where, when or why they said "goodbye cruel world"?
10 Q
Mar 01 12
849 plays
27 Daughter of Celebrity Burial Locations
This is my third entry in the ever growing family of celebrity burial locations.
10 Q
Dec 25 07
618 plays
28 Which of the Four Died First?
I give you four very famous people, one of whom died at least a decade before the other three. Identify the one who died earliest. With each question, we move further back in time...
Very Difficult
10 Q
Oct 08 12
726 plays
29 Famous Demises
Oh, this time machine! When will I ever get it to work properly! It seems I am being taken around to witness the deaths of famous people throughout history - can you help me figure out who they are?
10 Q
Nov 16 06
4962 plays
30 50 Years Ago -- In Memoriam 1963
A week of intense media coverage commemorated the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Kennedy on November 22 1963. This quiz remembers some of the others who also died that year.
10 Q
Nov 26 13
558 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Which one of these famed religious prophets died first?
* These people were all among the cast of the 1955 movie 'Rebel Without a Cause' one of my favourites. Which one of these cast members died first?
* Which legendary leader was the first to step down from the throne the hard way?
* The Light Bulb, The Telephone, The Television and more... Inventors have made our life what it is today. Which one of these inventors checked out first?
* Which one of these notable writers finished his last chapter first?

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