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Kazuo Ishiguro: 'Never Let Me Go'

Created by dsimpy

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Kazuo Ishiguro Never Let Me Go game quiz
"By the author of 'The Remains of the Day' (1989), this strange and unsettling 2005 novel looks back at an apparently idyllic childhood in an English boarding school - slowly revealing a shocking truth. A film version of the book was released in 2010."

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1. What is the name of the fictional boarding school that forms the backdrop to Ishiguro's novel?

2. What is the shocking truth about the students who live at this school, and who never leave its scenic grounds until they reach sixteen?
    They are refugees from war-torn countries
    They are human clones
    They all have supernatural powers
    They all share the same father

3. What shared purpose will all these young people achieve once they reach adulthood?
    They'll form part of an elite military unit
    They will become leaders in arts, sport and politics
    Their organs will be harvested for transplant patients
    They're a super-genetic pool for breeding purposes

4. The students' creativity is constantly encouraged by their guardians, but their best artwork is taken away by a mysterious figure known as Madame. What do we learn eventually is the reason for this?
    The art shows influential people that the students have a soul
    The art is sold to make money for Madame
    The art is sold to make money for the school
    Madame destroys the art

5. Which of the guardians, who look after and teach the students, is removed from the school because she thinks the children need to be told fully and honestly about their future lives?
    Miss Teri
    Miss Lucy
    Miss Muffet
    Miss Bellum

6. The novel's narrator, Kathy H, aged 31 when the novel opens, reflects back throughout the book on her life at the school. What role has she been doing for the past eleven years?
    Office worker

7. Kathy H's prize childhood possession was a cassette tape which included the song 'Never Let Me Go'. What did the song lyrics mistakenly symbolise for her?
    Having a baby
    Staying at the school for ever
    Meeting the perfect man
    Having a mother

8. Which east coast English county did the students believe was England's 'lost corner', where all possessions that are discarded or lost anywhere in England eventually end up?

9. Kathy H's closest childhood friends, Ruth and Tommy, both inevitably die in the course of the novel. What euphemistic term is used for the death of any of the young people in the novel?

10. In the 2010 film adaptation of Ishiguro's novel, which English actress plays the role of Kathy H?
    Emily Blunt
    Keira Knightley
    Carey Mulligan
    Gemma Arterton

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