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Australian Mythical Creatures and Cryptids

Created by AussieAngel96

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Australian Mythical Creatures and Cryptids game quiz
"I was searching through the Myths and Legends, and although I found them all interesting, I was disappointed to find that there wasn't any that I could see on some of the myths that float around Australia."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Number ten of the Top Ten Australian Mythical Creatures and Cryptids: The Bunyip.

What do they supposedly eat?
    Only animals
    Women, and nothing else
    Young children exclusively
    Animals, young children and women

2. Next, out of the Dreamtime, comes number nine: The Dirawong.

In addition to teaching the Bundjalung how to live and survive, the Dirawong is eternally engaged in battle with the Creator Being known as the what?
    Rainbow Emu
    Rainbow Kangaroo
    Rainbow Koala
    Rainbow Snake

3. At number eight is the Drop Bear, personally one of my favourites.

The Drop Bear, an oversized koala, is indeed a fake, a total myth. But if so, why were such horrible beasts as the Drop Bear created?
    Because a man was drunk and claimed to see a Drop Bear
    Someone was bored and very interested in horror stories
    To frighten young children
    To frighten tourists and outsiders

4. And at number seven we have the Hawkesbury River Monster.

The Hawkesbury River Monster is one of Australia's strangest Cryptids. Yes, it is very similar to the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland, which is considered its cousin.

Who was attacked by the Hawkesbury River Monster?
    Both women and children
    Only children
    Only women
    Neither women nor children

5. Only just missing out on making the Top Five is, at number six: The Muldjewangk.

Although elders around the Murray River - the Muldjewangk's home - say that it is now extinct, this serpent-like creature is kept well alive in stories that are told to naughty children to prevent them from doing what?
    Fishing in the deeper water or near rapids
    Playing in or near stagnant (still) water
    Playing by the Murray River after dark
    Swimming too far up the Murray

6. Taking a proud place at number five is: The Rainbow Snake.

The Rainbow Snake (or Rainbow Serpent), is one of the most important Creator Beings in the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. In these stories, the Rainbow Snake did what beneath Australia's earth until the time of Creation?

7. At number four - yes, sadly the quiz is almost over - is: The Tiddalik.

I heard the tale of the Tiddalik as a child, and thinking about it now, I find it quite funny, especially the way it was told to me back then - a mere four-year-old. The Tiddalik drained all the world's fresh water, and the other animals, in need of a drink, had to find a way to make the Tiddalik put back the water.

I'm simply going to ask you, though, what kind of animal was the Tiddalik?

8. At number three, the third-from-final Cryptid in this quiz is: The Wagyl.

The Wagyl is a snake-like Creator Being from Aboriginal Dreamtime. If he's a Creator Being, he must somehow create something. So, how does he create forests, woodlands, and rocks - which he is said to create from his own body?
    Wherever he slithered
    All of these
    Where his forked tongue touched
    His scraped off scales and his "droppings"

9. The second last one, sitting at Number Two is: The Yara-mah-yha-who.

This creature is only a little one, shorter than most people on this earth, except maybe for children. How tall is this Carnivorous little guy?
    Five Feet Tall
    Four Feet Tall
    Three Feet Tall
    Two Feet Tall

10. And (drumroll, please) at number one, the one I was personally waiting for, we have: The Yowie.

What does this Cryptid, that also shares its name with an old chocolate lolly I had as a child before they stopped being sold, resemble? Hint: It's another cryptid.
    Loch Ness Monster
    The Jersey Devil

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