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Thoughts on the "H2O" Storylines and Characters

Created by abairdk

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Thoughts on the H2O Storylines and Characters game quiz
"This follow-up quiz I wrote for fans of the show, and is designed to offer up some thought-provoking topics of the storyline. This does use a fair bit of Season 3 material. Every question has some accompanying commentary."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the effect of ambergris on mermaids?
    It shields their skin from water contact, and thus transformation.
    It's an intoxictating love potion they cannot resist.
    It prevents the "gaga" effect of the full moon.
    It grants wishes.

2. What seems to be the purpose of mermaids anyway, as evidenced by a discovery in season 3?
    To protect the natural marine wonders from from exploitation.
    To vaporize swimming pools and freeze mean girls.
    To communicate with dolphins and other marine life.
    To defend the earth from cosmic calamity.

3. Where did the lockets originally come from?
    Max made them for Gracie, Louise, and Julia.
    They were found as a matched set in a jewelry store.
    They were inherited from the 1900s mermaids.
    Louise made one for herself, one for Gracie, and one for Julia.

4. When a mermaid transforms, all clothing, accessories, and jewellery that she is wearing vanish in favour of the mermaid attire, but are fully restored when she changes back. If she colours her hair as a mermaid, the colour is visible only in mermaid form. What happens if she sustains an injury as a mermaid?
    The injury is persistent after changing back.
    The injury is automatically healed upon changing back.
    The injury retains its state, but is invisible after changing back.
    When in mermaid form, they are immune to physical harm.

5. Lewis is fond of fishing, but in what sport does he appear to be a naturally gifted champion?
    Free Diving

6. Who got frozen solid in season 1?
    Miriam Kent
    Charlotte Watsford
    Linda Denman
    Sophie Benjamin

7. When Rikki pleaded with Zane, "Help me", what had just happened?
    Rikki had been taken hostage by two criminal counterfeiters.
    Nate had just soaked the two of them on the pier by reving the Zodiac.
    Rikki, Cleo, and Emma were trapped in the moon pool by Dr. Denman.
    Miriam had bought the locket that Rikki wanted so badly.

8. Where did Will say he grew up before moving to the Gold Coast?
    In South Africa
    In New Zealand
    In Melbourne
    On a yacht

9. When Isabella was gazing at Will jogging on the beach on Valentine's Day, what interrupted her daydream?
    A wave caught her off-guard and wet her feet.
    She stepped in a kid's sandcastle.
    She ran into Sophie.
    Cleo telephoned her.

10. What caused Rikki to break her both personal and business relations with Zane?
    Zane had his friends over for a party at the cafe, after Rikki had said she needed it for the full moon night.
    Zane smooched Sophie after Will's winning dive.
    Zane threatened to spill the mermaid secret.
    Zane rehired Sophie after Rikki had fired her.

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Compiled Jun 28 12