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Helmets: They're for your head!

Created by beterave

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : War History
Helmets Theyre for your head game quiz
"This quiz is about military style helmets used in both world wars. good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. During WWI, what type of weapon was more likely to cause a head wound?
    trench clubs

2. The typical German 'Landser' wore the distinct 'Pickelhaube' helmet early in the war. What was this helmet made of?

3. What color were the Adrian French Colonial helmets worn used in WWI?
    field grey
    horizon blue

4. Which branch of service in the French army wore the flamboyant cuirassier helmet?
    the engineers
    the artillery
    light infantry
    the cavalry

5. The British and Commonwealth soldiers were issued the Brodie helmet. What did the common footslogger call this helmet?
    a tin hat
    an iron hat
    a steel hat
    a metal hat

6. Between World Wars, if a soldier served in the tropics, what type of headgear did he most likely wear?
    a garrison cap
    a steel helmet
    a pith helmet
    improvised headgear

7. What was the WWII Japanese helmet shape called?
    cone shaped
    toad stool
    cup shaped

8. What did most soldiers commonly use to hold foliage in place with their helmet?
    a helmet wire
    anything available
    a helmet net

9. The US M1 helmet was unique. What did it have that other helmets lacked?
    a helmet sweat band
    helmet chin strap
    a helmet liner
    helmet ear flaps

10. Which item of German militaria became an item for propaganda during WWII?
    the steel helmet
    the swastika
    SS runes
    the stick hand grenade

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Compiled Jun 28 12