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Created by Aussiedrongo

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Home game quiz
"There's no place like home and the film industry sure knows it. This quiz will look at a number of films, spanning many decades, that all contain a major theme of, or minor reference to, getting home. Warning: may contain spoilers."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the 1939 release 'The Wizard of Oz', Dorothy wanted nothing more than to be back home but never realised that she had the power to get herself there. Enter the Good Witch Glinda, who showed Dorothy that the answer was as plain as the shoes on her feet. Where exactly was home for Dorothy?
    Emerald City
    Yellow brick road, third house on the left

2. It's not just humans who have a yearning to be home. In a 1943 movie starring Roddy McDowall and Elizabeth Taylor, a young boy had his dog sold by his financially struggling parents. The dog was not very fond of her new owner, however, and escaped many times to return home to the young boy. What was the character name of the loyal and homesick canine in this film?

3. When a large number of people all share the common desire to get back home, a group effort is often required. In 1963's 'The Great Escape', a group of allied servicemen held captive in a German prisoner of war camp implemented an ingenious plan for escape. What code names were given to the three tunnels the men dug which were to provide their first steps to freedom and home?
    Tom, Dick and Harry
    One, Two and Three
    Alpha, Bravo and Charlie
    Greg, Peter and Bobby

4. Sometimes the decision to go home is not one that you make yourself. In the 1975 movie, 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', the character Riff Raff decided it was time for him and his fellow Transylvanians to return home to their own planet. In true drama queen fashion, Dr. Frank-N-Furter staged a diva-like performance upon hearing this news. What was the name of the song this self proclaimed 'sweet transvestite' sang during these scenes?
    Transylvanian Homesick Blues
    I'm Going Home
    Sweet Home Transylvania
    Homeward Bound and Gagged

5. Another alien stuck on planet Earth was seen in the movie 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' in 1982. Having been accidentally left behind after a botanical exploration trip by his spaceship, E.T. made a contraption to communicate with his home planet. What children's toy played an important part in enabling E.T. to 'phone home'?
    Mr. Potato Head
    Speak & Spell
    Nintendo DS
    Tickle-Me Elmo

6. It's always comforting to be at home with your loved ones on special occasions, but sometimes things don't pan out as you'd like. In a comedy released in 1987, Neal Page was trying to get home to Chicago in time for Thanksgiving, but was continually having his plans interrupted by the accident-prone Del Griffith. What is *not* one of the modes of transport mentioned in the title of this film?

7. Safety in numbers is a wise rule to follow when your journey home takes you through some foreign and hostile territory. A trio of four-legged pets adopted this tactic in 1993's 'Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey'. What kind of animals were making this trek home?
    Three dogs
    Two cats, one very nervous mouse
    Three cats
    Two dogs, one cat

8. In a film released in 1998, a woman received three separate telegrams in one day, with each one informing her of the death of a son fighting in World War II. Fully aware of this situation, a U.S. Army General gave an order that a fourth son of this woman, missing in action in Europe, be found and immediately sent home to his grieving mother. What was the name of this soldier whose presence at home was more important than his presence on the battlefield?
    Private James Ryan
    Private Meg Ryan
    Private Benjamin Ryan
    Drill Sergeant Drongo Ryan

9. Some folks need a little persuading that home is the best place to be. Such was the case with Woody the cowboy doll in the 1999 release 'Toy Story 2'. But Woody's fellow toy friends did manage to convince him that there was a little boy at home who loved him dearly, and so he did return. What was the name of this boy to whom Woody belonged?

10. 2007's 'Getting Home' was a Chinese/Hong Kong co-production that centred around one man and his quest to get his friend back home. That seems simple enough in itself, but his friend was something of a dead weight. What characteristic did the man's friend have that made getting him home harder than it sounds?
    Ingrown toenails
    He was deceased
    A Fu Manchu moustache

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