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Highway to Hell

Created by ACDC58

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Highway to Hell game quiz
"Hey again AC/DC fans, I hope you've all looked forward to my quiz on this album."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When was "Highway to Hell" released?

2. Who was the producer of the album "Highway to Hell"?
    AC/DC, themselves
    George Young & Harry Vanda
    John 'Mutt' Lange
    Jack Ruby

3. Which tragic accident is often related to the AC/DC album "Highway to Hell"?
    The leaving of Cliff Williams
    The ranking of this album
    The separation of AC/DC
    Bon Scott's death

4. What was this album ranked?

5. How many singles were released from the album "Highway to Hell"?

6. When the official video for "Highway to Hell" was shot, how many days later did Bon Scott die?

7. In regards to album sales, where does "Highway to Hell" rank compared to other AC/DC albums?

8. Which of these is the correct lyric?
    Living easy, being me, season tickets for a subway ride
    Living easy, living free, season ticket on a one way ride
    Living, easy, fancy free, season ticket for a runaway bride
    Living easy, food for free, season tickets for an airplane ride

9. Where won't you find blood, according to the song "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)"?
    In the sheets
    On the rocks
    On the road
    In the sky

10. Which American serial killer is linked to the song "Night Prowler."
    Ted Bundy
    Richard Ramirez
    Ed Gein
    John Wayne Gacy

11. What is the real idea of the song "Night Prowler" according to the band?
    A murder
    A curse
    The brutalities of the Vietnam War
    A boy sneaking into a girls room without her parents knowing

12. When "Highway to Hell" was released, many people began to think the band were Satan worshipers. Of the following, which was the most common explanation as to what the name AC/DC stood for?
    Anti-Christ Devil's Children
    Australia's Cultural Death Committee
    America's Civil Disobedience Club
    Anti-Church Defamation Cult

13. Which song can also be found in another version on the Bonfire album "Volts"?
    Highway to Hell
    Touch too Much
    Beating around the bush
    Love Hungry Man

14. The term "beating around the bush" means to try to evade a specific subject.

15. What song off this album was also played on the Black Ice Tour in addition to "Highway to Hell"?
    Love Hungry Man
    Walk All Over You
    Shot Down in Flames
    If You Want Blood (You've Got It)

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