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Blistery History [5]

Created by Nightmare

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : MLB Historical
Blistery History 5 game quiz
"The last in a series of five quizzes for those who like taking on challenges and don't care about their quiz scores. I hope you enjoyed them all. :)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Philadelphia Phillies won their first-ever World Series crown in 1980. Which Phillies pitcher was on the mound when the final out was made to give them the crown?
    Dickie Noles
    Tug McGraw
    Steve Carlton
    Sparky Lyle

2. While pigs can't fly, apparently one could catch baseballs. Which catcher was nicknamed "Pig"?
    Mark Pignatio
    Frank House
    Billy Riley
    Roy Campanella

3. The first-ever umpire in professional baseball history to be paid for his umpiring services had a previous occupation of which of the following?
    A professor at Princeton University
    A railroad conductor
    A prizefighter
    A former court judge who solely handled cattle rustling cases

4. Who was the first player in baseball history to commit 100 errors in one season?
    Oyster Burns
    Monte Ward
    Lou Say
    Herman Long

5. Which of these thieves who stole more than 50 bases in a season, set a Major League record for the best season stolen base percentage?
    Kenny Lofton
    Lou Brock
    Marquis Grissom
    Tim Raines

6. Which Major League team in the 1990s recorded the lowest home attendance in one season during the decade?
    Detroit Tigers
    Montreal Expos
    Seattle Mariners
    Pittsburgh Pirates

7. Which of these Hall of Fame greats never wore the number 1 on their back during their career?
    Enos Slaughter
    Richie Ashburn
    Ozzie Smith
    George Kell

8. Who set a National League record for scoring a run in 24 consecutive games in one season?
    Billy Hamilton
    Willie Keeler
    Joe Kelley
    Hugh Duffy

9. Who was the first pitcher in baseball history to strike out the same number of batters as was his age in one game?
    Bob Welch
    Joe Nuxhall
    Joey Jay
    Bob Feller

10. Which World Series team set a record for defeating their opponent by 14 runs in one game?
    Philadelphia Athletics
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Detroit Tigers
    New York Yankees

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Compiled Feb 28 14