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Odd CD Be Free

Created by madasasnake

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Odd CD Be Free game quiz
"ODD ALBUM OUT.Pretty straight forward, I'll name a band and list four albums. Three will be by that band and one will not. The one that's incorrect (odd) is the answer you should choose."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these albums was not released by the popular grunge band Nirvana?
    Hole Lotta Love
    In Utero

2. This band is rumored to have got the inspiration for their name from pipe sculpture at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Seattle, Washington called "A Sound Garden". Which album listed below is bogus?
    Down On The Upside
    Louder Than Love
    Out Of Exile

3. Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, claimed the band was named after his great grandmother Pearl who made a great jam. He later recanted this story as being made up. Just like the story above, one of these albums is made up. Which one?
    Riot Act

4. Stone Temple Pilots formed in San Diego. Which album listed below isn't one of their recordings?
    You're Welcome
    Shangri-La Dee Da

5. Seattle's grunge band Alice in Chains released all these albums except one. Can you pick the impostor out?
    Jar Of Sap
    Black Gives Way To Blue

6. Which one these albums did popular pop star Britney Spears not release?
    In The Zone
    Chrome Dome
    Femme Fatale

7. The band who loves wearing leather, Judas Priest, didn't release which album listed?
    British Steel
    Last Supper

8. The Rolling Stones gather no moss and haven't released which of the albums listed?
    Taking What's Not Yours
    Goat Heads Soup
    Let It Bleed
    Black And Blue

9. I'm not talking about Steve Buscemi's nickname from the movie "Reservoir Dogs" (Mr. Pink) but the solo artist Pink. Which album isn't by her?
    Try This
    I'm Not Dead
    I'm Ms. Understood

10. Sticking with the pink theme, which album isn't by the classic band Pink Floyd?
    Dark Side Of The Moon
    Final Bell
    The Wall

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Compiled Jun 28 12