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Party Line

Created by kyleisalive

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed 10 Q. Average [A]
Party Line game quiz
"Last year I worked as an operator for the 'Party Line', a hotline service which people called if they needed something specific for a special occasion. They'd ask; we'd deliver. Luckily I have some recordings (STOLEN)- go figure."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. PL: 'Party Line', where the party never ends. How can I make your party special?
Caller: Hey, Party Line?
PL: Yes.
Caller: I need a male deer.
PL: Oh?

Suffice to say, we don't usually send out animals. What kind of party is this caller likely preparing for?
    Stag Party
    Fawn Party
    Doe Party
    Ram Party

2. PL: 'Party Line', where you can party all night and never get tired. How can I put the cherry on your party cake?
Caller: I of screwdrivers.
PL: May I ask why?
Caller: I need something to go with all of these Rusty Nails.

What kind of party am I likely delivering these to?
    Tool Party
    Cocktail Party
    Hardware Party
    Housewarming Party

3. PL: 'Party Line'. I make all your party dreams come true.
Caller: Hi 'Party Line'. I need a question for my party guests. We're having a tea party.
PL: I'd love to help. Why don't you try..."Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

Who is likely invited to this tea party?
    Edgar Allan Poe
    The British-run City of Boston
    Sarah Palin

4. PL: This is 'P-P-P-Party Line', rock on party-goers! What can I do ya for?
Caller: I need a "Banquet" as soon as possible!
PL: Sure! I'll send it by "Helicopter".

What party is likely responsible for my reply?
    The Tea Party
    Bloc Party
    S Club Party
    Quiet Riot

5. PL: You've reached 'Party Line' and I'm here to pump up the volume. How can I help?
Caller: We need more ethernet cables.
PL: You'll have to go AFK to get them.

If the caller is having a LAN Party, what are they likely doing with these ethernet cables?
    Hanging a pinata full of computer chips from the ceiling
    Plugging them into phone jacks to power up their dial-up internet speeds
    Connecting them so that many people can play games on the same internet network
    Wiring them into their DJ decks and stereo system for clearer sound and heavier bass

6. PL: Welcome to 'Party Line', lining up parties, aiming, and firing with deliveries. Whaddaya need?
Caller: Bed linens.
PL: Bed linens?
Caller: We're doing a toga thing.

The guests at this party are likely trying to imitate which ancient culture?

7. PL: 'Party Line', and all I really wanna is a zig-a-zag-ah!
Caller: I need some help. I can't seem to get my hands on a Hoover.
PL: What for?
Caller: Nothing important. If you're all out, I can settle for a Bush.

What party is the caller likely forming?
    A Progressive-Conservative Party
    A Democratic Party
    A Republican Party
    A Labour Party

8. PL: 'Party Line', your connection to a selection of true confection. What do you need?
Caller: It's not for me; it's for my daughter- she's becoming a woman.
PL: What does she need, then?
Caller: Birthday candles...and a tiara...and a dance hall...and a large cake...and hundreds of invitations. It should be just like that MTV TV show.

How many birthday candles am I likely to need to send out?

9. PL: 'Party Line', dishing out 100% party goodness for decades!
Caller: I need a number of things for my party.
PL: Well, fire away.
Caller: Tickets to "Star Wars: Episode 1", Britney Spears albums, and a protected computer.

It's likely that this caller wants to party like it's which year?

10. PL: This is 'Party Line'. You call, you party, we do the dirty work.
Caller: 'Party Line', I need a jack.
PL: Car troubles? Call a tow truck.
Caller: Nah, I'm stuck at my computer and I've got a bad hand.

The caller is probably just playing a game from what multi-million dollar company?

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Compiled Feb 04 13