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The First Female Followers of Jesus

Created by glendathecat

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The First Female Followers of Jesus game quiz
"The first-century world was male dominated and it is not surprising that the Gospel writers focus almost exclusively on Jesus' male followers. Those references to women that remain, however, throw up some interesting information and possibilities ..."

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1. Luke, in his gospel, describes a number of women who traveled with Jesus. How does he describe their relationship to Jesus?
    They were being supported from the disciples' purse
    They were financing him from their own means
    They accompanied Jesus during the day before returning to domestic duties
    They were all members of Jesus' family

2. One of those named as following Jesus was Joanna and it is further recorded that her husband held a prominent role in Jewish society. Which of these elevated positions did he fill?
    He was a breeder of red heifers
    He was John the Baptist
    He was King Herod's steward
    He was the high priest Caiaphas

3. What is the name of the woman whom Luke describes as sitting "at the Lord's feet"?

4. Much has been written about Mary Magdalene but which of these pieces of personal information is actually recorded in the Bible?
    She was a hair stylist
    She had been demon-possessed
    She had been a prostitute
    She was a widow

5. Which of these women explicitly stated that Jesus was the Messiah?

6. Analysis of those women recorded as being present at Jesus' crucifixion has led to an interesting theory. This speculates that two of Jesus' disciples were, in fact, his first cousins. The theory centres on which of these pairs?
    Peter and Andrew
    Bill and Ben
    Philip and Nathaniel
    James and John

7. John's account of the crucifixion contains a Mary whose husband's name is very similar to that of the man to whom the risen Jesus reveals himself in Emmaus. What is the name of Mary's husband?

8. One of Paul's traveling companions was the son of a woman whose house was used as an HQ for the early Christians in Jerusalem. Who was this woman's son?
    John Mark

9. Female prophets are in evidence in the New Testament, just as they were in the Old. Paul, en route to Jerusalem, stayed at the Caesarea Philippi home of four prophetesses. These were the daughters of which evangelist, who shares a name with one of the apostles?

10. Which of these women is NOT mentioned in either the Gospels or the book of Acts?
    Pontius Pilate's wife
    Simon Peter's mother-in-law
    Judas Iscariot's great aunt
    Paul's sister

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