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Don't Stop Believing

Created by Spaudrey

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Dont Stop Believing game quiz
"The band Journey has nothing to do with this quiz. It is, in fact, about the history of cults in the world. Cults have played a large part in the world's history and have been responsible for many unforgettable events. Here is a quiz exploring them."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. One cult that originated in San Francisco is still figuratively referred to as a "Family". The head of the cult established himself as a guru to many women followers, basing several of his teachings on alleged impending social uprisings in America. The culmination of the cult's beliefs would occur in 1969 when he would direct a handful of his closest followers to to commit grisly murders in Beverly Hills, stating "now is the time for 'Helter Skelter'." Who was this leader of the "family"?
    Ted Bundy
    Charles Manson
    Sirhan Sirhan
    Mickey Dolenz

2. Forever to be associated with the comet Hale-Bopp, Heaven's Gate was a cult with origins in the early 1970's. Taking cues from visions received during an alleged near-death experience, the cult's founder would make his life mission to convert and convince followers to cease all attachments to human life norms in order to "be released from the human environment". This leader and 38 of his followers would be found dead in March of 1997. Documented expectations had them thinking they would use the comet Hale-Bopp to free themselves fully from the bonds of Earth. Once immersed in the cult the leader went by the names Bo or Do. What was his given name of this cult leader?
    Gerald McCoy
    Sam Bradford
    Marshall Applewhite
    Ndamukong Suh

3. Finding its origins in 1955, the cult known as the People's Temple would start in Indianapolis, Indiana, move to California, and then finally to the country of Guyana. The cult's foundation would end tragically with the murders and suicides of 918 people in 1978. Who was the charismatic tyrant behind the cult known as the People's Temple?
    Ed Jones
    Jerry Jones
    Jim Jones
    Tom Jones

4. A cult that originated in Paris, France and founded by Claude Vorilhon is considered a UFO religion, basing itself on claims that extraterrestrials known as Elohim were brought here to Earth to create new human life. Claims that some of these alien visitors, appearing in human form upon arrival, included Jesus Christ and Buddha. The name of the cult and resulting religion was taken from Vorilhon's now accepted name. What is this religion called?

5. The Unification Church was founded in the 1950's in Seoul, South Korea. Their beliefs are a hybrid of the Bible and Asian traditions, but also at its core is the thought that a Korean man born early in the 20th century is the Lord of the Second Coming, and he must marry and have children. The originator of this cult is accepted within the religion to be this new lord. Who is this cult leader?
    Lee Myung Bak
    Sun Myung Moon
    Kim Hwang Sik
    Rim Che Min

6. Formed in the late 1980's The Movement For the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God was an offshoot of the Roman Catholic Church. Led by five Africans, they believed that staunch belief in the original Ten Commandments would lead to advantages after the apocalypse, predicted to occur in the year 2000. Strict adherence to the commandments caused most members to not even speak, for fear of "bearing false witness". What African country was "The Restoration..." based out of?

7. In 1984 a cult was formed basing its core on the alleged continuing existence of the Knights Templar. Formed in Geneva, Switzerland by Joseph DiMambro and Luc Jouret, they were more a secret society than a religious-based group. Criminal acts in 1994 including infanticide led to the suicides and mass murders of over 100 people throughout Switzerland. What was the name of this clandestine society?
    Villa Bariera
    Gnomes of Zurich
    Church of Bible Understanding
    Order of the Solar Temple

8. "I'd like to start a religion. That's where the money is." This is a quote attributed to the founder of Scientology back in the 1940's at a science fiction convention. As much a commercial enterprise as a religion, known celebrities involved include Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley. Also the author of "Dianetics", who is the founder of Scientology?
    L. Ron Hubbard
    Arthur C. Clarke
    Robert Heinlein
    H.G. Wells

9. The Branch Davidians were formed by a group breaking off from the Seventh Day Adventists in 1955. This leader of the group in question gained control in the late 1980's, and his name would be forever associated with a government siege on the Waco, Texas compound they were sequestered in. The siege would result in 79 deaths. Who was this man who claimed deity status with the Branch Davidians?
    David Addison
    David Robinson
    David Allan Coe
    David Koresh

10. Starting out as a yoga class in 1984, Shoko Asahara would establish his group as a religious organization in 1989. His group would work on spreading his words of wisdom through associating with popular-culture Japanese Manga themes, such as space mission and world conspiracies. The cult received infamous recognition in June of 1994 when a terrorist attack involving Sarin gas was performed in the Tokyo subways, killing twelve. Reaching follower numbers as many as 40,000 worldwide, what was this cult religion called?
    New Komeito
    Aum Shinrikyo
    Soka Gakkai

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