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Hanover Street

Created by Bruce007

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Hanover Street game quiz
"This brilliant 1979 film starred Harrison Ford and Lesley-Anne Down. See what you remember about this romantic World War II film set in both London and France!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The movie opened to a busy scene at Hanover Street in London during the German bombing raids. There, a United States Air Force soldier named David Halloran (Harrison Ford) was waiting for a bus. A nurse (Lesley-Anne Down) cut in front of him, and then he cut back in front of her, eventually getting on the bus. Out of frustration at missing the bus, the nurse tricked Halloran into missing the bus himself. How did she trick the young soldier?
    She pretended to faint on the street.
    She pretended to go into labor.
    She pretended to cry.
    She pretended to have something that he supposedly dropped.

2. After drinking their tea and chatting for what was likely several hours, Halloran told the nurse that something special was happening between them and that they should stay together. She and Halloran were parting ways when German artillery struck the street. Halloran believed that she had been killed, but was relieved when he saw her hiding underneath an awning. He did not want to let her go again, but as she gently pushed him away from her, Halloran accidentally pulled her glove off. What did Halloran immediately notice?
    That she had the most beautiful hands he had ever seen.
    That she had no hand underneath the glove.
    That she was wearing a wedding ring.
    That she had burn marks on her hand from a previous air-raid.

3. Whenever he was not on leave, Halloran was a bomber pilot who often flew dangerous missions over German occupied territories. For comic relief, Halloran had a 2nd Lieutenant named Jerry Cimino. Complete his quotation spoken before a bombing run: "You know these things are made of metal right? Did you ever try and pick one up? You can't, you know why? Because it's made of metal and metal is _______".

4. Weeks passed by and Halloran and the nurse had spent many a romantic encounter together in the countryside. What is the one thing that Halloran always wanted to know about her?
    Her age
    How many kids she had
    Her name
    What her husband was like

5. Getting ready to lead a dangerous bombing mission, Halloran was on the runway with his plane and ready to take off. Before taking off, however, Halloran thought that he heard something wrong with his plane. What part of his plane did Halloran believe was malfunctioning?
    The tail
    The left wing
    The #1 engine
    The bomb bay

6. To make up for his hasty decision in turning his plane back to base earlier, Halloran volunteered to take part in a special mission. Halloran was to drop an operative named Paul Sellinger(Christopher Plummer) out over Nazi-occupied France so he could finish a mission. What was the goal of Sellinger's mission?
    To meet up with a group of resistance fighters and storm a Nazi compound in Nice.
    To assassinate the German chancellor Helmt Keller.
    To retrieve a document containing the names of British double agents.
    To become a German double agent and reveal Nazi plans to the allied commanders.

7. Seeing that Sellinger was a rather incompetent agent, Halloran decided to tag along on the mission and help him. After Halloran secured a Nazi sergeant's uniform, he and Sellinger ventured into Nazi headquarters in France. Sellinger, pretending to be a Nazi colonel, gave the document-keeper a paper from General Wallheim. What did Sellinger want in exchange for the document?
    The list he was sent to find.
    A receipt of delivery.
    A pack of cigarettes.

8. Returning to Nazi Headquarters, Paul Sellinger told the document-keeper that he wanted to check on the letter that he had dropped off earlier that day. The keeper told Sellinger that he did not have the proper authorization to take back the document. Their perfect plan was altered when Halloran was unable to maintain his cover as a Nazi soldier. How did he blow his cover?
    He could not speak German so he reacted improperly to a German soldier's question.
    He was smoking an American cigarette and using an American lighter.
    He fired several shots at a large group of approaching soldiers.
    He shook his head disapprovingly at a picture of the Swastika.

9. After their hiding place was reported to the Nazis, Halloran and Sellinger began their final escape from Nazi occupied France. In the final stretch, all they had to do was cross a bridge and meet up with the French resistance who would take them back to Britain. As the two men were running across the bridge, Sellinger was injured. What happened to him?
    He was lit on fire by a German flamethrower.
    He twisted his ankle.
    He was shot in the back.
    He was hit by some shrapnel from a stick grenade.

10. Who did Margaret end up with at the end of the film?
    Answer: (Name (Halloran or Sellinger))

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