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Llama Drama

Created by Creedy

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Llamas and Camels
Llama Drama game quiz
"Here is a quiz on the lugubrious llama. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which continent is home to the llama?
    South America

2. How can you tell when a llama is agitated?
    It frowns
    It lays its ears back and spits
    It runs around in circles
    It bangs its head against the wall

3. Unlike the fleece of sheep, what product does the fleece of llamas lack?

4. The alpaca, a close relative of the llama, can produce fifty-two different coloured fleeces?

5. Here's something interesting about the female llama. What is unusual about her estrus cycle?
    She doesn't have one
    She suffers badly from PMT
    She has three a month
    She only has one a year

6. When baby llamas are born, the mothers do not lick the babies clean. Why is this?
    The babies are born clean
    They're fussy
    Their tongues are too short
    They have weak stomachs

7. Instead of licking her baby clean when it is born, what does the mother llama do?
    Lets the father do it - it was his fault after all
    Pushes it in the nearest river
    Nuzzles it and hums to it
    Collapses from exhaustion

8. What do the other female llamas do when a dam is giving birth?
    Look extremely sympathetic
    Gather around the mother and baby
    Head for the hills

9. Oh this is so funny! How can you tell when a female llama is pregnant?
    She has chronic morning sickness
    She has weird cravings in the middle of the night
    Her feet and legs swell up like balloons
    She spits at the male and attacks him

10. Why is it best to keep contact with a baby llama as limited as possible?
    They catch chicken-pox and die
    When grown, they treat humans like llamas and fight with them
    They become juvenile delinquents
    They try to climb into your treehouse

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Compiled Jun 28 12