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White's All Right

Created by Creedy

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Whites All Right game quiz
"Welcome to my last quiz on colours. This time, it's ten questions on the colour white for you. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Most early scientists believed that white was the basic colour, and other colours were formed by something being added to it, until which great thinker came along?
    Isaac Newton
    Louis Pasteur
    Francis Bacon
    Stephen Hawking

2. In China, Vietnam, Korea and which other country is the colour white associated with mourning?
    New Guinea
    Easter Island

3. By what name is benevolent magic referred to?
    White Voodoo
    White Magic
    White Hoodoo
    White Abracadabra

4. People who abuse and counter abuse computer technology are known by what names?
    White Sparks and black sparks
    White hats and black hats
    White crackers and black crackers
    White fingers and black fingers

5. Is it true that Yin is considered as white in the Asian philosophy of Taoism, while Yang is considered as black?

6. White is often associated with which level of society which was once prevalent throughout Europe?
    Upper class
    Lower class
    Middle class

7. A white ribbon is worn by people who protest which deed carried out against women?
    Unnecessary divorce

8. Returning to a more mundane area, what is an authoritative document reporting on any major issue in business or government known as?
    White Authority
    White Report
    White Paper
    White Hot Air

9. White clothing is worn by Muslim people during which important pilgrimage?

10. What are the colours on the Vatican City's flag?
    White and green
    White and purple
    White and red
    White and yellow

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Compiled Aug 04 14