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2011 MLB Trade Deadline

Created by iamthebomb2114

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2011 MLB Trade Deadline game quiz
"The 2011 MLB Trade Deadline included many blockbuster moves that will help shape the MLB playoffs. Some teams sold what they had, other teams brought in more pieces. Do you know who went where?"

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1. What center fielder were the Braves able to acquire to try and keep up with the Phillies in the National League East?
    Kosuke Fukudome
    Hunter Pence
    Michael Bourn
    Colby Rasmus

2. What Chicago White Sox pitcher was sent to the Blue Jays on July 27th?
    Jake Peavy
    Bobby Jenks
    Edwin Jackson
    Gavin Floyd

3. The Blue Jays swapped a quality pitcher, two relievers, and a utility outfielder in an eight player trade with the St. Louis Cardinals. Who did the Jays receive?
    Colby Rasmus
    David Freese
    Shelby Miller
    Edgar Martinez

4. The Phillies needed a right-handed bat in the middle of their lineup. They made a deal with Houston to acquire what player?
    Hunter Pence
    JD Martinez
    Brett Walace
    Wandy Rodriguez

5. What quality starting pitcher did the Indians acquire at the deadline?
    Kevin Millwood
    Aaron Cook
    Ubaldo Jimenez
    Jason Hammel

6. What team acquired Carlos Beltran from the Mets?
    San Fransisco Giants
    Boston Red Sox
    Arizona Diamondbacks
    St. Louis Cardinals

7. The Pirates were buyers at the deadline for the first time in the previous 15 or so years. What players did they acquire?
    Carlos Lee and Ryan Ludwick
    Carlos Quentin and Derek Lee
    Derek Lee and Carlos Lee
    Derek Lee and Ryan Ludwick

8. What shortstop did the St. Louis Cardinals acquire?
    Rafeal Furcal
    Jose Reyes
    David Eckstein
    Yunel Escobar

9. What pitcher did the Oakland A's deal to the Arizona Diamondbacks?
    Dallas Braden
    Jason Marquis
    Brad Ziegler
    Dan Haren

10. What catcher did the Atlanta Braves acquire before the deadline?
    Benji Molina
    Wilson Ramos
    Buster Posey
    Wil Nieves

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