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Welcome to the Sewers!

Created by Creedy

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Welcome to the Sewers game quiz
"In response to an Author's Challenge from kyleisalive, this is a quiz on interesting facts about urine."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the human physiology, urine is excreted via the kidneys, ureter, bladder - and then what comes next?
    Small intestine

2. Until it reaches the urethra, urine is sterile.

3. In medieval times, clothing and linen and other household goods, when not being used, were stored in a small room known as a garderobe. This room was also used as a place to relieve oneself. Why were household goods stored there?
    The smell of ammonia in urine deterred rats and killed fleas
    It was believed the odour preserved colour
    For religious purposes
    An old superstition believed to bring good luck

4. Which vegetable in particular causes a very strong odour in urine?

5. Why was Diabetes Mellitus so named?
    It was named after a sweet smelling flower
    Because the urine is abundant and sweet
    It was named after an ancient Greek physician
    Mellitus was the name of the doctor's wife

6. This is fascinating: how was diabetes diagnosed as far back as 600 BCE in India?
    By observing whether a person's urine attracted ants
    By observing the colour of a person's ears
    By observing if tigers came near a sufferer
    By observing the sound of a person's singing voice

7. Urine from postmenopausal and pregnant women is utilised in various prescription drugs.

8. In pre-industrial times around the home, to what use did proud housewives put urine?
    Cleaning aid
    Substitute for flour
    Chook feed
    Making jam

9. Moving along to war and bloodshed, of what use was urine in this sorrowful area?
    It was used to make arrows
    It was used to polish leather
    It was used as a form of petrol
    It was used to make gunpowder

10. In the early middle ages, what other product did early scientists and alchemists try to produce from urine?
    Shoe polish

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Compiled Jun 28 12