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Tearjerker Tunes II

Created by JRooowe

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Emotion in Songs
Tearjerker Tunes II game quiz
"Danger... heartbreak ahead. Well, actually it's just a few questions about some sad songs. Go on, give 'em a try. All chart info is from U.S. Billboard."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "Teardrops fell on Mama's note... when I read the things she wrote.." And just where was Bobby Bare when he read that letter?
    The Streets of Baltimore
    500 Miles Away From Home
    The Tijuana Jail

2. In this 1967 release, "Terry and Julie" are observed meeting on Friday nights. Now considered by many to be one of the greatest songs ever written, it never charted in the U.S. Name that tune!
    Lovers of the World Unite
    A Day In the Life
    Waterloo Sunset
    Julie of the Spirits

3. How long would Roy Orbison love his "Blue Angel?"
    forever and a day
    until the twelfth of never
    till the end of time
    'til the dawn's early light

4. Poor Sue Thompson... these always make her cry. Well, they did in 1961 anyway.
    Sad Movies
    faded photographs...
    Paper Roses

5. "Walk away, please go... Before you throw your life away..." Doing the right thing can be painful as this poor guy demonstrated in his 1964 hit. Who was he anyway?
    Steve Lawrence
    Engelbert Humperdinck
    Sonny Bono
    Matt Monro

6. In 1966 Dionne Warwick sent a "Message to Michael." Where was Michael?
    San Jose
    New Orleans
    in the army

7. In early 1964 Bobby Goldsboro gave us this sob story. Arriving in the charts just one week before the Beatles U.S. chart debut, he still managed to make the Top Ten. What was this tune that got Bobby's solo career going?
    See The Funny Little Clown
    Tears Of A Clown
    Take Good Care of My Baby

8. And the misery just keeps on comin'. Back in 1962 Brenda Lee told us of her pitiful existence after being left all alone. Besides a Top Ten hit, what was the only thing she was left with?
    the beat of her heart
    souveniers and old love letters
    alimony and child support

9. Bobby Vinton charted with a lot of sad songs previously made hits by other artists. Which of these songs DID NOT make the Billboard Top 40 charts as recorded by Bobby?
    Blue Velvet
    Halfway To Paradise
    Blue Angel
    Tell Me Why

10. Written by French recording artist Charles Aznavour, this song laments a selfish life, lost love, and the realization it's too late to change any of it. Translated and recorded by Roy Clark in 1969, it made the Billboard Top 20. What's the name of this pain-fest?
    Yesterday When I Was Young
    September Song
    Thank God and Greyhound
    Autumn Leaves

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Compiled Jun 28 12