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General Numismatic Trivia

Created by nautilator

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Coins and Banknotes
General Numismatic Trivia game quiz
"Basic knowledge and trivia about money."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is numismatics?
    the creation and evolution of a language, words, and syntax
    the study and collection of stamps
    the study and collection of money
    the creation of explosions with fire

2. The world's first coins are generally thought to have been made at a place called what?

3. Joachimsthal was a town in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) whose name gave rise to what numismatic word?
    exchange rate

4. A coin collector is most likely to add which of the following to his collection?
    a well-cleaned, shiny looking coin
    a natural-state coin without nicks or corrosion
    a bent, corroded coin
    a colorized, jewelry-soldered coin

5. A coin struck specifically for collectors, featuring extra-sharp details and a glossy mirror-like background, is called a what?

6. What is seigniorage?
    the set of processes taken to implement a coin design
    the profit made from making money
    the succession order of workers in a mint
    a common word in national spelling bees

7. As famously seen in Hungary and Zimbabwe, the excessive printing of paper money can trigger what?
    fiat lockdown
    bonfire syndrome

8. What is the numeric range of values that a coin professionally graded by an American grading service can have?
    1 to 25
    0 to 255
    0 to 15
    1 to 70

9. What was the only country that ever issued platinum coins as a regular circulating currency? Today, it is the world's second largest producer of platinum.

10. Money generally has three different types of values. Which of these is NOT one of those three types?
    intrinsic value
    face value
    numismatic value
    expected value

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Compiled Dec 09 12