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Get Carter (1971)

Created by dersinghampaul

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Get Carter 1971 game quiz
"'Get Carter' (1971), starring Michael Caine, was voted 16th best British film by the British Film Institute in 1999, and has become a cult classic. Test your in-depth knowledge of the film here."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At the start of the film Carter is discussing travelling to his home town to sort out some personal business, against the wishes of the Fletchers, his two bosses. What business does he have to sort out?
    His father has just left his mother
    His own tax affairs
    His sister, who is pregnant
    What happened to his brother, Frank, who has just died

2. On arrival at his destination Carter enters a bar and orders a pint of bitter, but then adds four words to his request. Which four words does he say?
    "In a thin glass"
    "With a whiskey chaser"
    "If you could please"
    "Make it two pints"

3. Carter occasionally refers to going away somewhere once the business of his brother is sorted out. Where is he planning on going?
    South America

4. Carter goes to see Cliff Brumby, played by Bryan Mosley, whom he suspects is somehow involved in his brother's death. Brumby is a local businessman - what is his business?
    Import and export
    Slot machines
    Real estate

5. Carter has a memorable encounter in the crowd at a sporting event with Eric Paice (played by Ian Hendry), who works for the local Mr Big, Cyril Kinnear. What kind of sporting event do they meet at?
    Horse races
    Greyhound racing
    Football match
    Rugby league match

6. When Carter chases after Thorpey (Bernard Hepton) he eventually catches him hiding in one of the toilet cubicles; but in which kind of premises?
    A bingo hall
    A cinema
    A betting shop
    A discotheque

7. What is the name of the guest house that Carter stays at during his time in the city?
    Dun Roamin'
    The Sea View
    Las Vegas

8. 'Get Carter' becomes progressively more brutal as Carter exacts his revenge on those whom he holds responsible for his brother's death. Whom of the following does Carter NOT kill?
    Cliff Brumby
    Albert Swift

9. As the film draws towards its climax, Carter rings Cyril Kinnear to make a deal, saying, "All I want...". What does it turn out that Carter wants from Kinnear?
    For Kinnear to clear things with his (Carter's) boss Gerald Fletcher
    To get the blue movie, featuring his niece, back from Kinnear
    To have Eric Paice turn up at 6am the next morning at Blackhall Colliery
    To get a share of the money that Kinnear is making from selling drugs

10. By what name is the assassin who shoots Carter at the end of the film known in the credits?
    He is not named in the credits

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