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Calendar Saints - The Month of November

Created by JanIQ

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Calendar Saints  The Month of November game quiz
"Every day several saints are venerated. What do you know about the following saints celebrated in November?"

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1. November 3rd is the name day of Saint Hubert of Liege. Which of the following is one of his patronages?
    Hospital workers

2. November 4th is the feast day of an Italian saint who died in 1584. Although many Catholic schools were named after him, he is not a patron saint of teachers, nor has he worked as a teacher. Who is venerated on November 4th?
    Charles Borromeo
    Isidore of Seville
    Francis de Sales
    Vincent de Paul

3. On to November 5th. This time Catholics venerate a Saint mentioned in the Gospel. Who was Saint John the Baptist's mother?

4. Saint Willibrord is venerated on November 7th. This apostle of the Frisians is buried in a Luxembourg place with a notorious dancing procession. Where is the tomb of Saint Willibrord?

5. On November 11th, Catholics venerate a bishop of Tours (France) who lived in the Fourth Century. What is the name of this person, famous for cutting his cape in two and handing over half to a poor beggar?

6. Saint Leopold is venerated November 15th. Which country feasts its royal dynasty on the same day, remembering the first King of this dynasty?

7. November 17th is the name day of a certain Elisabeth, locally known as Arpad-Hazi Szent Erszebet. What is her name in English according to the Calendar of Saints?
    Elisabeth of Schoenau
    Elisabeth Ann Seton
    Elisabeth of Hungary
    Elisabeth of Portugal

8. Which Pope is venerated on November 23rd? He died around 100 AD.
    Leo XIII
    Clement I
    Urban II
    Adrian VI

9. Saint Catherine of Alexandria is venerated on November 25th. What is the attribute she is commonly depicted with?
    A wheel
    Dental pincers
    A silver platter with two eyes
    A pile of burning wood

10. St. John Berchmans is the saint venerated on November 26th. In which monastic order was he a novice?
    Grey Nuns
    Poor Clares
    Sisters of Mercy

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