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Dominating F1 Champs

Created by AlonsoKing

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Dominating F1 Champs game quiz
"Sebastian Vettel's dominating win of the 2011 F1 championship inspired me to make a quiz on those champs of the past who got it all too easy."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Ferrari was definitely the car to have in the 1952 world championship. Not only did Alberto Ascari win 6 races out of 7 starts and the championship, but two of his team-mates ended 2nd and 3rd in the championship. Who are they?
    Giuseppe Farina & Piero Taruffi
    Jean Behra & Maurice Trintignant
    Froilan Gonzales & Felice Bonetto
    Juan Manuel Fangio & Stirling Moss

2. In 1954 the legendary 'Silver Arrows' (Mercedes) appeared on the F1 stage. Juan Manuel Fangio made good use of them to win the 1954 championship in a dominant manner. However, in the first two races of the season (not including Indianapolis) he drove for a different team. What team is this?
    Alfa Romeo

3. Juan Manuel Fangio dominated the 1957 season and his fifth championship was never in any doubt. However, his last race victory came totally unexpected. In a race he couldn't possibly win he produced one of the finest drives of his career, a win today still regarded of one of the best drives ever. On which legendary track did Fangio achieve this?

4. In the 1960 Portuguese Grand Prix Australia's Jack Brabham could clinch his second title. He did win the race and the championship, but it didn't come without an effort after something peculiar happened to him during the race. What happened?

    He finished the race in his team-mate's car after he had crashed his own
    He suffered from severe diarrhea
    His car got stuck in tramlines
    He narrowly avoided a child that suddenly crossed the track

5. Jim Clark was dominant in 1963 winning 7 out of 10 races and the championship (a record at the time). In 1965 he almost repeated this amazing achievement, when he could 'only' manage 6 wins because he couldn't start in the Monaco Grand Prix. The reason for this was that he was racing in another legendary race that was held at the same time. In what non F1 race did Clark compete (and win) in 1965?
    Targa Florio
    24 hours of Le Mans
    Indianapolis 500
    Mille Miglia

6. Stewart was superior in 1969. Driving for Matra he won the championship by 26 points (63 pts to 37 pts) over Jacky Ickx. In 1971 he was racing for Tyrrell and was again dominant, winning the championship by 29 points (62 pts to 33 pts) over a young Swedish driver who was in only his second season. Who was this young driver?
    Niki Lauda
    Ronnie Peterson
    Emerson Fittipaldi
    Jody Scheckter

7. In 1977 Niki Lauda drove for Ferrari and won the championship with two races to spare. What happened in the last two races of the championship?
    He didn't show up
    He crashed in both races
    He won both races
    He drove both races in a Brabham

8. Nigel Mansell easily won the first five races of the 1992 season, making it crystal-clear the title would only be a formality. In the sixth race that season, the Monaco Grand Prix, he led for most of the race until a pit-stop on lap 70. Mansell rejoined the race in second position and in no time he was on the tail of the leader. Although his car was much faster than the leader's he couldn't overtake him. Who won the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix?
    Alain Prost
    Michael Schumacher
    Riccardo Patrese
    Ayrton Senna

9. In 1993 Williams still was the car to have. A big portion of their success can be attributed to their engine-supplier. Who was Williams' engine-supplier in 1993?

10. After five races in the 2002 season it became clear the title would again go to Michael Schumacher, who had won four out of the first five. The next race, in Austria, was also won by Schumacher albeit in a controversial manner. What was controversial about Schumacher's win in the 2002 Austrian Grand Prix?
    Schumacher was disqualified to be reinstated after stewards failed to meet scrutiny procedures
    Team-mate Barrichello deliberately let Schumacher pass him just before the finish-line
    Schumacher had driven another driver off the track
    Schumacher waved his fist in anger to the crowd who booed him

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