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How Well Do You Know The University of Exeter?

Created by daenerysmn

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How Well Do You Know The University of Exeter game quiz
"This is a short quiz about things geographical, educational and historical about this fabulous UK university! The questions are about Streatham Campus, unless stated otherwise. Hope you enjoy and please rate!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. True or False: The University of Exeter has two campuses?

2. To promote Employability, the University of Exeter promotes something called The _______ Award.
    Answer: (One word, 6 letters and a place name)

3. "I am standing at the bottom of a slope on the University of Exeter Streatham Campus and I am looking up and I can see a silver looking building with 'Students Guild' written on it and as I approach it, there seems to be a club called 'The Lemon Grove' there." Which building am I walking towards?
    Cornwall House
    Queen's Building
    Devonshire House
    Peter Chalk Centre

4. What is the University of Exeter students' radio station called?
    Xpression FM
    Exepose FM
    Extudents FM
    Exelets FM

5. Which famous author attended the University of Exeter and read BA Classics and French?
    J.K. Rowling
    Michael Morpurgo
    Ellis Peters
    Agatha Christie

6. "I am standing next to Block M in Birks Grange Village in the University of Exeter and I am about to set out for the main campus but I am astonished at what I am looking at. The hill! It's so steep, there's no way students have the energy to climb it multiple times a day! Oh well, here I go!" What is the name given to this colossal hill?
    Asthmatic's Doom
    Cardiac Hill
    Mount Everest
    The reason I'm not at lectures

7. In what year did University College of the South West of England receive its Royal Charter and become the University of Exeter?

8. Which building in the University of Exeter has a tradition of putting a lit Christmas tree on top of it in December?
    Physics Building
    Peter Chalk Centre
    Amory Building
    Streatham Court

9. To what group does the University of Exeter belong?
    The Russell Group
    The South West Group
    1994 Group

10. The city of Exeter itself was a Roman city. What was its name in Latin?
    Isca Dumnoniorum
    Durovernum Cantiacorum

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Compiled Jun 28 12