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It Tickled Me Pink

Created by Jennifer5

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Pink
It Tickled Me Pink game quiz
"Ten easy and not so easy questions on all things pink from the worlds of literature, geography, music and more. Thank you to Jomarion for the title suggestion."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In which popular work of children's fiction are pink flamingos used for the unusual purpose of croquet mallets?
    The Wind in the Willows
    The Adventures of Pinocchio
    Anne of Green Gables
    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

2. The Prince's Palace of Monaco is sometimes dubbed the Pink Palace. Do you know the surname of Monaco's Royal Family, who reside there?
    De Luca

3. Which album by Pink Floyd was adapted into a feature film in 1982 starring Bob Geldof of The Boomtown Rats as the character Pink?
    The Wall
    Wish You Were Here
    Obscured By Clouds

4. Which newspaper, first published in London in 1888, is printed on salmon-pink paper?
    Daily Mail
    The Sunday Times
    The Guardian
    Financial Times

5. Which award-winning composer's music was used as the theme tune to the 'Pink Panther' films featuring the bumbling Inspector Clouseau?
    Jerry Goldsmith
    Burt Bacharach
    Henry Mancini
    Duke Ellington

6. What was the name of American singer Pink's first single, released in 2000?
    There You Go
    Family Portrait
    Glitter in the Air
    So What

7. Which rose is coloured a deep pink and has the unusual distinction of being almost thornless?
    Papa Meilland
    Zephirine Drouhin

8. The song 'Lily the Pink' was a Christmas No 1 hit in the UK for British trio The Scaffold in 1968. The Scaffold included musician Mike McGear, who is the younger brother of which of The Beatles?
    Ringo Starr
    George Harrison
    John Lennon
    Paul McCartney

9. All these can be good for you, but the juice from which pink fruit is said to have particular health benefits by helping to lower harmful cholesterol?

10. Metaphorically speaking, which pink creatures could you expect to hallucinate about as a result of drinking too much alcohol?

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Compiled Sep 24 12