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Today It Is Wednesday

Created by coachpauly

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Today It Is Wednesday game quiz
"Wednesday is a great day of the week. When you arrive home at the end of Wednesday you are closer to the week-end than when you woke up. What do you know about this fun day of the week?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which major God, found within the Anglo-Saxon tradition, gives his name to Wednesday?

2. There is a fictional comedy television family that includes a rather serious-looking girl named Wednesday. Her favorite past-time is collecting spiders, can you name the show that features this arachnologist?
    Addams Family

3. Which of the following Wednesdays is celebrated as the first day of Lent occurring 46 days before Easter Sunday?
    Holy Wednesday
    Pentecost Wednesday
    Ash Wednesday
    Spy Wednesday

4. In the 2004 teen-comedy "Mean Girls", the "Plastics" have a rule to wear a certain color only on Wednesdays. What is that color?

5. Which of the following British football clubs was a founding member of the Football Alliance in 1889 and also the first Champion in the inaugural season?
    Manchester Wednesday
    Leyton Wednesday
    Wolverhampton Wednesday
    Sheffield Wednesday

6. Which North Carolina native, Grammy nominated singer, who was born Myra Ellen, recorded the song "Wednesday"? (Hint: In 2011 she released the album "Night of Hunters".)
    Tori Amos
    Lisa Loeb
    Rene Lopez
    Emilliana Torrini

7. According to the poem that begins "Monday's child is fair of face", what is Wednesday's Child considered?
    Wednesday's child works hard for a living
    Wednesday's Child is loving and giving
    Wednesday's child is full of grace
    Wednesday's child is full of woe

8. Which state in the U.S., renowned for its world-famous Boundary Waters Canoe Area, is also home to "Wednesday Bay"?
    New York

9. Which actor, who has appeared in films in the roles of Pablo Picasso, C.S. Lewis, Zorro, Odin, Adolph Hitler, and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, quoted the following when asked why he prefers film roles to stage roles: "I like the good life too much, I'm not good at going on stage night after night and on wet Wednesday afternoons"?

    Richard Burton
    Anthony Hopkins
    Laurence Olivier
    Peter O'Toole

10. The ancient Greeks called Wednesday the day of "Hermes", but which planet is Wednesday most closely associated with?

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