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Travel Guides for Teens' Short Attention Spans

Created by Spaudrey

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Travel Guides for Teens Short Attention Spans game quiz
"Let's face it, in the era we live, kids and teens want their facts quick and simple. Here are entries from travel guides written specifically for the indifferent teenager. See if you can pick out the city or location they are in."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "See Mt. Rushmore. It's huge. The Badlands are pretty wild. And Wall Drug's there, too." What U.S. state are they checking out?
    South Dakota

2. "There's big geometric shapes near Giza. They're pretty old. You should see the Sphinx, too. It's part lion and and part dude. The longest river in the world goes through here too. You don't see that every day." What city are we checking out today?
    Athens, Greece
    Nicosia, Cyprus
    Rome, Italy
    Cairo, Egypt

3. "You better go Tubin' to see a big clock tower they called Ben, and check out Buckingham Palace. Watch out for the red buses." What city are they suggesting sites in?
    Stockholm, Sweden
    London, England
    Reykjavik, Iceland
    Edinburgh, Scotland

4. "Dude, see the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe. They're cool." Where are we?
    London, England
    Berlin, Germany
    Paris, France
    Brussels, Belgium

5. "Better see the Hippodrome. They used to run horses there. And the Hagia Sophia. It's a really old church. And check out the Bosphorus Strait. You can see Europe from there. Awesome." What city does this description come from?
    Teheran, Iran
    Mecca, Saudi Arabia
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Kinshasa, Zaire

6. "You can go see the temples of Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon here, along with Tiananmen Square. And the Forbidden City was where some emperors lived a long time ago." What city are we looking at now?
    Mumbai, India
    Seoul, South Korea
    Beijing, China
    Hanoi, Vietnam

7. "Sweet looking Opera House here. And there's a big bridge that looks like a coathanger. They shoot off a bunch of fireworks from it on New Year's Day. It's pretty cool." Where is this entry from?
    Moscow, Russia
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Sydney, Australia
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

8. "There's a big red square here, right next to a weird looking church, apparently it belongs to someone named Basil. And you see a dead guy, someone named Lenin. If that's what you're into." What city does this description put us in?
    Moscow, Russia
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Helsinki, Finland
    Prague, Czech Republic

9. "There's a big statue of Christ up on a mountain. And the beaches here are awesome, especially Ipanema. They have a big party here every year, too, it's like a big carnival." What location are we touring this time?
    Port au Prince, Haiti
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    Mexico City, Mexico

10. "You can see famous people's handprints in front of a place that belonged to a dude named Grauman. You got Disneyland you can go to, if you like that kind of thing. And a rich dude named Getty put together a museum, lots of old art there." What metropolitan area can you find all of these in?
    New York City, New York
    Seattle, Washington
    Los Angeles, California
    Miami, Florida

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Compiled Jul 19 14