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The 1960s - Entertainment at its Most Colorful

Created by WesleyCrusher

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The 1960s  Entertainment at its Most Colorful game quiz
"The 1960s were the decade that saw entertainment range from rather tame to excessive and colorful. Let's look back at some events that shaped the movies, television, music and other entertainment of that decade!"

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1. In the year 1960, the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, released a movie with a one-word title that contains one of the most famous scenes of the entire history of cinema. Where is this scene set?
    In a shower
    On a beach
    On a porch
    In a railroad car

2. He walks! He talks! The former was expected, the latter less so. If I now tell you that this television star who debuted in 1961 weighed over 500 pounds, what would be his name?
    Mr. Hyde
    Mister Ed

3. The entertainment year 1962 started off with a now famous audition at Decca Records in London where two British bands vied for a single record contract. The winner of this contest was a band called "The Tremeloes" (sic!), but which much more famous band lost, later to be contracted by EMI Parlophone?
    The Beatles
    The Who
    The Rolling Stones
    Pink Floyd

4. Starring Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle and Sid Caesar, this 1963 comedy's title begins with the words "It's a" and ends with the word "World", but just how many instances of "Mad" do belong between them?

5. On 30 March 1964, a game show debuted on NBC television that is still running strong almost 50 years later. Most FunTrivia players will know it as it is a trivia-based format with a slight twist. To get you thinking for a moment, which of these answers would be the only one to have a chance at being scored correct on that show?
    "The 64,000 Dollar Pyramid"
    "Deal or No Deal"
    "Wheel of Fortune"
    "What is Jeopardy?"

6. May 1965 was a busy time for land transactions in Osceola county. Altogether, over 27,000 acres of undeveloped swampland changed ownership. The new owner then publicly announced his quite entertainment-related plans for this land five months later, in October 1965. What is the result of these plans called today?
    Universal Studios Hollywood
    Walt Disney World Resort
    Kennedy Space Center
    The MGM Grand

7. One of the two top grossing movies of 1966 starred Julie Andrews, Max von Sydow and Gene Hackman and has the name of a US state as its title. It was mostly filmed on the location it actually represents, on an island. What's the name of this island?
    Ellis Island
    Prince Edward Island

8. This event, a first of its kind, was broadcast simultaneously on CBS and NBC on January 15, 1967. During its course, several chiefs were sent packing, one might say. By what name is this event known today?
    The Montgomery Bus Boycott
    Super Bowl I
    The Woodstock Festival

9. 1968 saw the Broadway premiere of what is widely regarded as the first specimen of the "rock musical" genre. At its time, it was received with shock due to its gratuitous use of profanity, sexual and drug references, irreverent treatment of the US flag and a scene during which all performers appear nude. You probably know the name of the musical, but which song is sung during this latter scene?
    "Ain't Got No"
    "Let the Sun Shine In"

10. On December 18, 1969, the sixth movie in a series still being produced over 40 years later was released. It is still special amongst all its peers because it is the only one featuring a specific actor in the title role (all other actors who played this role have done so multiple times). What is that actor's name?
    George Lazenby
    Sean Connery
    Roger Moore
    Timothy Dalton

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