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Born This Way

Created by kyleisalive

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Fashion & Beauty Mixture
Born This Way game quiz
"Would I lie to you? I've looked this good since the day I was born! I wouldn't particularly need to worry about any of the subject matter here (being immaculate and all), but for others, it's everything."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You see, I was born with luxurious locks-- you know, ones that tumble from my head, blow in the wind, and catch the light just right.

Some people have to dye their hair. Some men opt to use a metallic pigmentation to cover greys. What is this popular 'dye' option known as?
    Grecian formula
    Hair club
    Hydrogen peroxide

2. The hair I was born with is beautiful-- you don't even know! Well, you would if you saw it. I make sure to keep it unrestrained, free to the world.

Which of these objects would be fine to wear if I didn't want to cover my hair?

3. I was born with the perfect lips. Need I say more? They just work well with my face; the ladies can't seem to get enough of them; they're ideal.

Which of these ingredients are you least likely to find in lipstick?
    Fish scales
    Pig fat
    Watermelon seeds

4. Some would say that my fingernails are an affront to the Gods. I was born with wonderful fingernails. I would never want to colour them.

If they happened to be coloured, I'd use a nail polish remover to return them to normal. What chemical are you likely to find in nail polish remover that allows colours to lift off?
    Linoleic acid

5. I smell great. In fact, I was born with a wonderful smell. You wouldn't even think I sweat.

The body normally contains many types of smells, but halitosis can possibly be improved by which of these?
    Whitened teeth
    Foot powder
    Laser skin treatment

6. You're right-- I do have perfect posture and an idyllic figure. I was born with it, you see.

To alter their figures, many men and women of the past wore corsets designed to fit around which of these body parts?

7. Why would anyone cut into this body? The last thing I need is augmentative surgery. What do you think needs to be improved? (I'd say nothing-- I was born an impeccable being.)

A liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure which is also associated with what name?
    Breast enhancement
    Tummy tuck
    Brow lift
    Nose job

8. I may have been born a certain way, but underwear is a necessity. There's no denying the importance of a fitting pair.

Which usually contains the most material?
    Men's boxers
    Women's G-string
    Men's briefs
    Men or women's thong

9. I think I've mentioned my perfect skin before; I was born with amazing skin. Some people aren't so lucky, however.

Epilation refers to the removal of which of these bodily features, often for cosmetic reasons?

10. My feet are astounding. Some people choose to dress their feet up in protective gear though, some of which can be quite expensive. We call these 'shoes'.

Which of these is not a type of shoe?

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Compiled Jun 28 12