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The Career of Earth, Wind & Fire

Created by shuehorn

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The Career of Earth Wind  Fire game quiz
"Some bands have stormy careers, some breeze by without a care in the world, and others are directly connected with the wind and air. The Four Winds (shuehorn, zorba_scank, JanIQ and Lones78) have written this overview of the amazing career of EWF."

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1. Where did Earth, Wind & Fire get the name for their band?
    The astrological elements affecting the band leader's zodiac sign
    The letters EWF are the initials of the band leader
    A description of the climate of Africa
    A reference to a biblical verse

2. "Earth, Wind & Fire" was not the band's original name. True or False?

3. Earth, Wind & Fire derived inspiration from diverse genres like funk, jazz and soul to create their music. A unique feature of their music is the presence of the kalimba, a type of thumb piano, on their albums. The kalimba is indigenous to which of the following regions?
    Southeast Asia
    Sub-Saharan Africa

4. What was Earth, Wind & Fire's first album? (Be careful with this one).
    Earth, Winds and Fire
    Sweet Sweetback's Baadasss Song
    The Need of Love
    Earth Wind and Fire

5. Earth, Wind & Fire had a platinum album in 1974 with "Open Our Eyes". In which of the following studios was this classic album recorded?
    Abbey Road (London)
    West Grand Boulevard (Detroit)
    Decca Records, Pythian Temple Studio (New York)
    Caribou Ranch Studio (Colorado)

6. It wasn't until four years after the release of their first album that Earth, Wind & Fire won their first major award, the "Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals" in 1975. Which of these tracks earned them this honor?
    Serpentine Fire
    Shining Star

7. Earth, Wind & Fire issued a 1996 compilation album entitled "Elements of Love: ____________", which refers to the type of music performed on this album. What is the missing word?

8. In 1995, Earth, Wind & Fire band leader Maurice White scaled back his involvement with the band. What was the reason for his changed role?
    He decided to retire from the music business and opened up an organic pig farm near Chicago.
    He had a falling out with Philip Bailey, who took over as leader
    He had contracted Parkinson's disease
    He wanted to pursue a solo recording career

9. In 2007, an album titled "Interpretations: Celebrating the Music of Earth, Wind & Fire" was released as a tribute to the band. Which of the following artists did NOT record a track for this album?
    Chaka Khan
    Kirk Franklin
    Angie Stone
    Mary J. Blige

10. In the first decade of the 2000s, Earth, Wind & Fire had the honor of performing at the White House on two occasions. Who were the US presidents when EWF gave these two concerts?
    Bill Clinton and George W. Bush
    George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton
    George W. Bush and Barack Obama
    Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

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