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Amazing World Heritage Sites of Australia

Created by tazman6619

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Amazing World Heritage Sites of Australia game quiz
"This quiz will look at UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are based on the physical geography of Australia. Come on a voyage of discovery with me."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Our first World Heritage site is Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean. Its significance is directly related to the fact that it is the only place on earth where rocks from the earth's mantle are being actively exposed. This activity helps support which of these theories?
    Global warming
    Penguin migration
    Sea-floor spreading
    Pollution's effect on plate tectonics

2. The next site is Purnululu National Park. It contains a very significant geographical feature that could be called, in other words, the 'Mess Up Mess Up' Range. Which range is this?
    Bungle Bungle Range
    The Snowy Range
    The Blue Range

3. The Tasmanian Wilderness is the next World Heritage Site on our list. It is known for its very steep gorges that were most likely formed by which process that also formed the fjords in Norway?
    Rain and wind erosion
    Volcanic activity
    Plate tectonics

4. The Lord Howe Island Group is the next amazing stop on our trip around Australia. This island group was formed in the same way as the Hawaiian Islands. Which way is this?
    Volcanic activity
    Continental drift
    Sea level dropping

5. The Greater Blue Mountains area is our next stop on this tour of World Heritage Sites. It is dominated by escarpments, gorges and a temperate forest of which plant that is a dominant part of the koala's diet?

6. Shark Bay, the next stop on our itinerary, is home to five endangered mammals. Three of the four below are on this list of endangered mammals. Which one is NOT?
    The boodie (burrowing bettong)
    The western barred bandicoot
    The banded hare-wallaby
    The Sumatran tiger

7. The Gondwana Rainforests include several national parks. Of the four below which one is NOT one of them?
    Mount Barney
    Mount Chinghee
    Barrington Tops

8. The 122km long Fraser Island, situated on the east coast of Australia, has a large amount of vegetation despite its claim to fame. Which of these accolades does the Fraser Island hold?
    Most toxic island
    Least dense island
    Largest artificial (or man-made) island
    Largest sand island

9. The Heard and MacDonald Islands, situated in the Southern Ocean between Antarctica and Australia, have been an exciting hub for study, added to the World Heritage List due to which rare quality?
    Having unique rock formations
    Sporting many uncharted species of life
    Being volcanically active Sub-Antarctic islands
    Containing the largest gemstone mines in the world

10. The Ningaloo Coast, situated on the western coast of Australia, is known for its karst systems and for the congregation of which of these animals for mating purposes?
    Whale Sharks
    Manta Rays

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