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You Just Gained Six Hit Points

Created by eyhung

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You Just Gained Six Hit Points game quiz
"The game of Dungeons and Dragons has evolved through many editions, yet some features remain constant. Test your knowledge of these D&D concepts (starting with AD&D 1st edition and up through D&D 4th edition)."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Each D&D character you create has ability scores that define attributes of your character. Which one of the following is NOT a standard ability score?

2. Which of the following is present as a character class (not a kit) in each of the first four editions of D&D?

3. Which of these following game mechanics are present in all of the first four D&D editions?
    Saving Throws

4. Alignment is the D&D game mechanic that defines a character's outlook and philosophy. While the first 3 editions of D&D used the same nine alignments, the 4th edition eliminated around half of them. Which of the following alignments was eliminated in the 4th edition?
    Lawful Good
    Chaotic Neutral
    True Neutral or Unaligned
    Chaotic Evil

5. What would Dungeons and Dragons be without monsters? Which of the following monster types is the only one of the four to appear as written below in the first four editions?

6. Part of the fun of D&D involves getting lots of treasure, preferably magical. Which of the following non-artifact magic items is available in each of the first four editions, with the same functionality?
    Vorpal sword
    Ritual scroll of Silence
    +5 Mace
    Bag of Holding

7. Which of the following D&D spells exists (under this name) in all of the first four editions?
    Discern Lies
    Mage's Sword
    Delayed Blast Fireball
    Silence 15 ft radius

8. Although the Dungeon Master can create his or her own adventures, pre-made adventures can be bought. What are these known as?

9. The dragon is one of the most fearsome monsters in D&D. Which dragon type is NOT present in all of the first four editions?
    Gold dragon
    Black dragon
    Silver dragon
    Bronze dragon

10. Under which of the following circumstances would the message "You just gained six hit points!" be most appropriate?
    Your character put on a Ring of Shielding
    Your character executed an attack of opportunity
    Your character gained a level of experience
    Your character cast Bless

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Compiled Jun 28 12